New Double Rifle Build

Which stock blank would you choose?

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Here, screaming deal if it has to go .. please keep it in mind
wbr, Dan.



577 caliber.jpg

577 bore.jpg
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Simply, Thank You! .. I was more than pleased with it & the dealer seemed to agree "it was a beautiful piece of wood" for no addl. charge/upgrade.

Great company to work with.
Here's another 500. 2021 20% off for display.


Can someone start a Heym, or any other photo thread?

Many thanks! ;
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Aussie Hunter, I like the top one best. If it were me, I send this same photo and question to a former member in New Zealand who has more than just a little knowledge of this topic. I'd be curious to see which one he would choose.
Aussie Hunter
Good choice!
Those are 3 exceptional blanks, can't wait to see the end product.
I like the top wood too. I have no clue if it would be the strongest in grip area as it is not marked like others, probably isn’t likely with all the burl in it. But isn’t burl wood some of the most dense in the tree? Again no expert, and likely 20 years away from ever getting a double….
It is the prettiest blank, but straight grain is always the strongest. You don't want burl in the grip on a heavy recoiing gun. Burl in the butt section and forend grip is the way to go. The other option is to put it on a gun with a through the butt tang bolt. Most double and single shot rifles do not have a through the butt tang bolt, their for breaks in the wrist are pretty common, especially with figured wood in the wrist.

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