Never posted a pic here, but wanted to post my Kudu


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Jun 19, 2023
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I love how wide it was. Haven’t seen a ton like it but I love it.
Very nice! Thanks for sharing
Well there you go, nice
It was next to last day and getting dark. I had taken 7 animals so far and had made some really good shots. My PH and I had developed a real report over the week I had been hunting. Kudu had been elusive with me not getting a shot or them not being a mature old bull.

We saw tracks with maybe 30 minutes left of daylight and started our stalk. We came upon him at about 100 yards and he winded us and took off hard, almost straight away from me. I got on sticks and my PH said “I trust you, if you can make the shot take him.” I hit him in spine running dead away at 175 yards. He dropped on spot. When we got to him he was still alive but couldn’t move rear legs and was done. I put another shot to humanely put him down. I think my PH said he thought he was over 10 years old. He was a grizzled old bull with worn tips. He measured 48”, but you’ll notice he doesn’t have the deep wide spirals at base, which is apparently necessary for them to score really long. Truly I don’t care what the number is, he is perfect in my book and the product of many many hours hunting Kudu.

My PH also showed me if you look down the spiral from the tips the eye is in the center. Probably so they can see what they are spearing with horns. God is awesome.
I took 2 in Namibia in 2013, the first one was old and battle scared but really tight curls. The PH didn't recommend getting a shoulder mount so I went with a European mount. The second one appeared a lot larger so I had a shoulder done of him. Interesting enough, they both measured 50".
Congrats and thanks for sharing!
Nice one, congrats !
Beautiful kudu, congrats!!!! If I could only hunt one animal, it would definitely be a Kudu.

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