Needing Info on Clearing Agent in Texas or Oklahoma


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Jun 1, 2013
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Looking for a new Broker/Clearing Agent in OK/TX region.
I had used Wells Logistics out of Houston for years. They have folded and now I'm looking for another Broker to go through. I live in Oklahoma and need suggestions on who to use and who to stay clear of. Years back I was told to stay away from Coppersmith but am now hearing people recommend them.
Safari Specialty Importers

I have used them twice and am quite happy with them. They charge more but I think that they are worth it.
I think the lady that did the Wells clearing went to work for the clearing agent that’s a sponsor here.
Coppersmiths have done about 5 shipments for me and have been excellent and price not bad compared to others, they have office in Dallas.
2nd on ProCargo, Houston
John and Cindi are great!
I'm in Texas, Dallas area now. I've used Trophy Shippers and will again for my two shipments currently in Africa. Speaking with Allan Zarach, the owner, they now have their own storage facility in Houston. With that, I will have Trophy Shippers get my stuff to Houston versus Dallas, but they can just as easily take care of it in Dallas.
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I thought she went to Flora and Fauna ? Lynette Lilly ?
Lynette is gone, Fauna and Flora is done. That is why I had to use Pro Cargo at the last minute to help clear my stuff and they did a great job with the clearance. Badger Cargo knew before I did and help coordinate the whole event.
Cindi & John Rulon with Pro Cargo will exceed your expectations.

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