NAMIBIA: Has Anyone Hunted With Felix Marnewecke In Namibia?

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Jun 20, 2012
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Hello, has anyone hunted with Felix Marnewecke in Namibia? Elephant Hunting With Felix Marnewecke In Namibia.


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Welcome Stan.
Hope someone can help you out.
I hunted a bit with him. Are you thinking of hunting with him?
Hello Mboji,

Yes, I have booked two trophy elephants amd some other games with Camelthorn Safari for Nyae-Nyae conservancy this coming August and Felix will be my PH. Are they any good?

I spent time with him in I believe 1995 through some mutual friends. We were hunting birds for fun and some culling if I remember correctly. Nice guy and has a great area now. What did you have to give for the trophy elephant hunts if you don't mind me asking?

Well worth it. The area has big bulls but you will really have to work for them. Felix will hunt hard for you too. I see in your photos you have taken some other elephant. Where at and how were they? I love elephant hunting myself.


Where are you from?
South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana. I will hunt Namibia in August. Either Mozambique or Zim in October/November.

I am from Thailand.

South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana. I will hunt Namibia in August. Either Mozambique or Zim in October/November.

I am from Thailand.


glad to see you are having a good time hunting and fishing, do you get home much? :biggrin2:
Hi Spike.t,

You are not a good friend of mywife, are you? Haha.

Have I told you about a copule eighteen days fishing trips in Mexico, a couple of sixteen days fishing trips in Anadaman Island per year?

Hi Spike.t,

You are not a good friend of mywife, are you? Haha.

Have I told you about a copule eighteen days fishing trips in Mexico, a couple of sixteen days fishing trips in Anadaman Island per year?


not that i know of, but i know how my wife was after i was in zambia last oct/nov for 5 weeks. no problem before , but after.... no you arent going for that long again!!!:nonono: reckons she missed me :confused: it seems just under 3 weeks is ok, i dont get missed then :laughing: i take it some of the fishing photos were from those trips? :thumb:
Five weeks, wow how nice. For me after three weeks :devil:I start to see every women or game to be beautiful already:devil:
Of course, nothing happened.
That is why I limit myself no trip more than twenty one day.:eek:
How many days will you allow for those 2 trophy bulls with Felix? I am also thinking of trying Moz for big elephant. What do you know about that if you don't mind sharing? Thanks

I have booked nineteen day of hunting, excluding traveling. If I do not see any bull I like, I may go back later on in October/November to use these two permits again.

I have never hunted in Mozambique before. Prior booking this Namibia trip, my choices were Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Namibia. I did contact three outfitters in Mozambique. It seems that Nissan area should be the best bet for big tuskers, but then we still have to choose where and with outfitter in this area to hunt with.

A good friend and PH of mine has commented:

"Hi Stan
There are a few factors you need to look at, the Namibian operators are in general good honest people that do what they say they can and what ever is the average in the past 5 years is exactly what you will get forgetting what they say about   "there has been shot in the past " and the hospitality food and accomodation is the best in the safari industry through out africa.

Now when it comes to Mozambique !  There are many problems some of the areas are operated by south african operators and there lies you problems. I have never to this day ever met an honest south african africaaner operator they lie like a snake and have no or little dangerous game hunting ability. When mozambique opened up it was opportunity for south Africans to jump in there and get an area to hunt which we also did. But the good areas were all taken by indigenous mozambique operators, so i am saying you need to make very sure that the area is not one that is undeveloped and unknown with no roads operated by a south african crook that only goes there when he has a client. Find a Portuguese or Zimbabwean in there that is around the ravuma river area as this where you will find big jumbo ! Not in the western area of the Zambesi.
The camp conditions will not be wonderful in mozambique and be very carefully of the Maleria. But in mozambique it is possible to be very lucky and bag a giant that no one has found yet

My personal advice would be to ask for the last 4 hunts average size tusks that were shot with the clients dates and reference/contact details and speak personally to a reference That hunted there very recently and maybe even last year at the same time."

Very touchy issue here. Please do not take it personally. I just quoted my friend advised.

Dear Stan,

Thanks for sharing that info. I will need to do a lot more research before heading to Moz. Again I really hope for you to have a good and successful safari with Felix. I love Bushmanland but it will kick your butt. Train for lots of walking before hand and you should be fine.

Yes, there will be a lot of ground to cover by walking in Bushmanland. I want to earn my trophy. I will shoot a fifty lbs broken tusks from long tracking, chasing and crawling from hard hunting rather than a seventy Lbs tusks road killed. The experience and memory from the toughest hunt will be totally differences as I have earned them and that will last my life time.

In fact, I shot a fifty lbs broken tusks Botswana's bull in May just because it made me walked eight hours. I did turned down five to six bulls between 55-65 lbs just because they were very closed by the road.
That's the right attitude! Be ready to work for it but take a gift if it is presented. I made the mistake of passing on a certain 80 pounder on the 3rd day my first time there. You will see and have the opportunity to take a big old bull (or two). The old boys are almost always broken on one side but can still be quite heavy. To me the broken tusks seem to have much more character.
August will be nice because not too hot yet. I'm really envious. There is cellular signal here and there in the hunting area to send and receive emails. Please keep me updated while you are in the field. my email is

Good hunting!

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