NAMIBIA: BOWHUNT: Namibia Bow Hunt With Eintracht Jagd Safaris July 2018

Anybody got Namibia bow fever
Looks familiar. Pieter can put a bow hunter, and rifle too, on the game. I see Katiti there. Real good tracker and helping hand.
Yes both are great at tracking with out there tracking skills. I would have never got a shot at my old kudu bull. Me and katiti stalked two warthog. The first darted as soon as I pulled the release. I missed by feet would have been a perfect shot. The 2nd warthog didn't fair so well he was dead before the arrow passed through. So many warthogs. I will likely take a few more
We had some good times on that trip! Never imagined there would be so many pigs.
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3 weeks from wheels up and a flight to Namibia to hunt with Eintracht Jagd Safaris again. Fine tuning the bows and working on an 850 grain arrow for a bigger critter.
Lee, have a great trip. It's on my wish list to get back over and spend some time with Pieter again. He's a heck of a PH, as you already know, and a great man to spend your hunting time with.
Looking forward to the pictures.
What’s your target species this trip?
Eland, waterbuck, and maybe a cull giraffe. Also zebra and Oryx. I haven’t taken the first three with a bow yet.
Have a great time and looking forward to your pictures!
Lee you will arrow some giants
Lee you will arrow some giants

I hope so. I have no doubt I’ll have numerous opportunities with Pieter. Two pics from our last trip.
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