Mohamed Ismail Professional Hunter & Conservationist

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    Mohamed Ismail, Professional Hunter & Conservationist

    Mohamed Ismail, Professional Hunter & Conservationist

    Mombasa-born Mohamed Ismail, who is a conservationist, writer and artist recently had his second book published in Los Angeles, California. "The Lost Wilderness" is the autobiography of his life and times both as a former Kenyan game warden and a professional hunter. Ismail has had other book signing sessions in South Dakota where several of his wildlife paintings are on permanent display among collectors and at the Sioux Falls Zoo and Museum.

    Ismail is a modest man in demeanour, and has travelled far and wide including Antarctica, Tibet, The Gobi Desert, The South China Seas as well as having undertaken several trips to China and Turkey. The Lost Wilderness is introduced to readers by no less a personage than Patrick Hemingway, Ernest Hemingway's son who has known Ismail for the past 35 years.

    When interviewed, Ismail confirmed that he depended heavily on his his late wife who was a driving force behind everything he did and who was always the source of encouragement to him.

    The Lost Wilderness is a collaborative work with Dr. Alice Thor, a former professor at Farleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey.

    Ismail acknowledges with gratitude the encouragement he has had in the last six years from his friend, the late Fahmy Hinawy of Mombasa who was a founder member of 'The Friends of Fort Jesus' for some of the photographic material and also to Mr. Gulam Mirdat of Mombasa.

    Mohamed Ismail, born in Mombasa in 1938, is of Afghan and Baluchi descent He holds a Cambridge Overseas School Certificate and a Diploma, with highest honors, from the College of Wildlife Management of Mweka, Tanzania.

    Mohamed Ismail, Professional Hunter & Conservationist

    From 1967 to 1972 Ismail served as a game warden with the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife in Kenya.

    He is a respected ornithologist who worked with the late Roger Tory Peterson. In 1972 lsmail became a senior instructor for Lindblad Travel, leading safaris for organizations such as the New York Zoological Society, the National Wildlife Federation, the Royal Ontario Museum, and the Smithsonian Institution.

    During the years prior to 1977, lsmail was also a professional hunter and served as the director of Bushtrails Ltd., a safari firm based in Nairobi.In 1988 Ismail formed his own safari company, Explorers' Africa.

    Ismail is an accomplished photographer whose pictures have appeared in National Geographic magazine.

    lsmail has also published "The Essential Safari Companion", which he both wrote and illustrated with his own photographs.

    He is currently at work with Alice Pianfetti on their second book on East Africa.

    The Lost Wilderness by Mohamed Ismail and Alice Pianfetti. The Lost Wilderness is the story of Mohamed Ismail's years in Kenya and Tanzania as a game warden and professional hunter. In this book Ismail chronicles the life experiences of five native Africans who worked with him during his years as a game warden as well as his own experiences as a professional hunter. Read about the most deadly poachers ever seen in the history of East Africa; the best ivory trackers; the most elusive quarry, the East African greater kudu; and Ismail’s dangerous hunts after buffalo and elephant. The pages are filled with the adventurous tales of brave men who always faced danger straight on--sometimes winning against considerable odds and sometimes losing, as was the case of the game warden who was killed by a poisoned arrow from a poacher! Come face to face with the other side of the law as you delve into the life of Tura, a notorious poacher whose limp was the result of a buffalo goring. These fascinating and engrossing true-to-life adventures of East African hunting hark back to a time that is now forever gone. Foreword by Patrick Hemingway, the son of Ernest Hemingway.

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