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Do any of you happen to have one of these top end fishing rods? What do you think of it?
I can only find limited info on them online. Maybe a JDM only product? Definately a throwback, nostalgia product in my opinion. I can say with confidence though, if Megabass is putting their name on it, the quality and engineering will be top notch. I am personally a Diawa and Shimano guy, but my backseater for 3 years brought many Megabass rods along in my boat and I could never find a fault with them, except sometimes a higher price.
They look like the rods I used as a kid in the early ‘80s. I still have 2 pistol grip style rods like those that were made by Shakespeare. 1 was a boron rod. 5’6” for both. I pulled one out and a old reel about 4 years ago with the intent of letting my wife use one to learn how to throw a baitcaster before trying it on the boat. I was flabbergasted that I could not instantly cast it worth a darn. I put a modern reel on , and still had issues due to the short length, and the timing of releasing the spool with your thumb (most modern bass rods are 6’10” to 7’6”, and have a long butt section below the reel). In short, distance suffered due to shorter lengths and lack of leverage that 2 handed rods have, and MY accuracy suffered due to not being used to the short length. I decided not to put Gwen through that, gave her a new modern rig, and within the first hour she was casting like a seasoned vet. The 6’ and 6’3” lengths they offer might be a little easier to throw if your used to longer 2handed rods, but I’d still expect a little bit of learning curve if switching back and forth. Based on the old lures in the pics of their ad, and the bigger reels resembling the old ambassador style reels I had in the ’80s I’d say they are marketing to those who want to enjoy the nostalga of using products of the era.
i’ve got a few spinning and flyrods I pull out once in a while for notalgia purposes. One is a beautiful split cane ultralight, Orvis Batenkill with polished agate guides. My wife found a Mitchell 310 reel for me, new in box to go along with it. It will come crappie fishing with me this fall a few times.
i’m hoping as well to hear from someone who actually has one of these rods.
I grew up with the 5 1/2 ft pistol grip rods that won a BassMasters tourney in Tyler, TX. They feel great to me. I also have a boron rod in a pistol grip configuration that I think highly of. Most of my round reels are matched up already, but if I should get another, well, thanks for the heads up!
Those are sweet looking!

Sorry Kevin, I only have a bunch of Abu Garcias and a couple of Shimanos.

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