Marlin XL7 cal.30-06 and cartridges Remington 30-06 Core-Lokt PSP 180 grain.

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    Marlin XL7 cal.30-06 and cartridges Remington 30-06 Core-Lokt PSP 180 grain.

    In connection with absence of time and employment related to the crisis situation in a country
    there simply was not time to engage in the game shooting reacquired pair of months back Marlin XL7 in a caliber 30-06, a riflescope is not yet chosen and accordingly not set, but today's desire on the game shooting of got 180 gr. Remington 30-06 Core-Lokt PSP was so great, that after ordinary "entertaining firing" from the different threaded barrels reached, finally, to Marlin XL7.

    Here some general impressions from firing, "comfortable rifle butt", return and cartridge which used today Remington 30-06 Core-Lokt PSP:
    - firing on distance hardly anymore 100 meters ( 108 meters- 110 meters);
    -temperature +22C, humidity 76%, wind of YUV 2m/s-3m/s, pressure of 756 mm..;
    -target of 0.5 meters x 0.5 meters on a center sheet of A-4 with laying out in 1", height from overhead part of target to the bottom of earth - near 0.7 meters -0.8 meters;
    -width of tree near 0.2 meters, which a target was fastened on.

    Firing was conducted without a riflescope and accordingly without the opened breech-sight, because Marlin XL7 30-06 in this variant does not complete the opened breech-sight and beauty-spot!

    For aiming a slat was used for fastening of optics on a base Weaver, orientation - was taken after measuring of place of landing, - to think , that it made somewhere 7 thousandth.
    First impressions:
    -good "comfortable rifle butt", lightness of rifle, that also not unimportant in the field terms;
    -return in this variation I would compare to the return of our SKS, - soft enough for this caliber;
    -trigger Trigger Savage Accutrigger reminds, - very much soft lowering;
    - extraction of cartridges in my variant is normal enough, - why talk so, some transatlantic friends at the use of this type of cartridges bluff-bowed have some problems;
    -the equipment of shop(unremovable) me seemed to on the first three, that gets a bite, but all was put right then, - 4+1 ( it is possible simply to pelt one by one - sometimes it even comfortably);

    The general impressions from a barrel are positive, but a fight on a cold barrel is better, at heating of barrel variation goes to 1"-2", it is more exactly possible to talk after setting of optics and to zeroing in of weapon.
    It is necessary to do polishing on zeroing in and choice-setting of optics.

    Now, in respect of cartridge of 180 gr. Remington 30-06 Core-Lokt PSP, is my opinion:
    - exceptionally for hunt to 200 meters are max., - but the best application
    is visible to 100 meters;
    -stopping action of, seeing snuff it is possible to suppose on included in the barrel of tree, that a bullet opens up just like this, as a producer declared;
    -sufficiently little BC 0.383, actually given, declared a firm by a producer below - Products - Ammunition - Ballistics

    -all bullets lay down practically on the center of barrel of tree but below from the center of target bias to the right of 0.38 meters to 0.57 meters,- it taking to account that tried to aim through the slat of Weaver in overhead, extreme right corner of target of 0.5 meters x 0.5 meters.

    -a cartridge is good on short distances from 50 meters to 100 meters at the set optics and zeroing in the promised will give a 1 inch on 100 yards from a box;
    -the best variant of the use of cartridges with the bullet of FMJ with BC 0,475 to BC 0,501
    (my opinion);
    - the hinge-plate of gunpowder is obviously undersized!
    Below actually petting:

    PA160001.flv video by kristian555-A - Photobucket
    PA160002.flv video by kristian555-A - Photobucket
    PA160003.flv video by kristian555-A - Photobucket

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