Marc Pechenart Big Game Hunter

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    Marc Pechenart (1927-2008), Big Game Hunter

    Marc Pechenart (1927-2008), Big Game Hunter with the tusks of his best 17 trophy elephants

    Marc Penchenart besides a life with many commercial successes on three continents, he loved hunting and guns the most. Africa was his favorite destination, enjoying innumerable safaris to all corners of the continent.

    Marc Pechenart with a Giant Forest Hog

    He was an SCI Life member and helped found two French SCI Chapters. He was keen to ensure that his fellow countrymen understood the importance of belonging to the most important big game hunting and conservation institution in the world.

    Marc Pechenart (1927-2008) with tusks

    Many big game records have been entered by Marc into the SCI Record Book of Trophy Animals, but certainly, his greatest trophies are his collection of African elephants, where he has collected the longstanding SCI World Record as well as three more in the Top Ten of the category. He was a expert on rifles & shotguns, and is one of the known hunters who have shot ivory worth 100 pounds of all the massive tuskers he took as a hunter. He passed away at the age of eighty.

    Marc Pechenart standing in the center to the right of the lion mount. From left to right; Maurice Patry, Martine Pechenart, Berco, Fifi, the Lion mount, Marc Pechenart, Xavier Pechenart, J. M. Harry, JP Lacoste.

    Marc Pechenart, sitting in the forefront in the center, at his house in 2007, during the last test of the "aspirants guides" (apprentice guide) of the ACP (Association des Chasseurs Professionnels - Association of Professional Hunters) in France.

    A great hunter and a ballistic expert...
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