Judging Red Hartebeest

Limpopo SA with Kuche Safaries. Every animal they put me on was an amazing trophy including this Red Hartebeest

Did not get any measurements on him during the hunt so that will have to wait until the taxidermy crate arrives.

This was a long spot and stalk , my PH finally got me within 35 yards and told me to take the shot. After I patted myself down I reluctantly admitted I could not, because I had lost my release! Without a word he CRAWLED back the way we came while I kept eyes on the Hartebeest. After 10-15 minutes my PH returned with my release, handed to me. I made the shot and here he is!
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This was also taken in Limpopo with Kuche! They’re a great outfit! I’ll be going back at some point!

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Nice red hartebeests posted in this thread. Yes, they can be tough to accurately judge. Best to have more than one mature male in vicinity for comparison. At a glance good ones appear to have a lot of head gear and that headgear appears at least as tall as their face is long. Yes, heavy bases and height and rear sweep- all good. Then the wide, somewhat angular appearing hourglass shape is good. All easier said than done of course under field conditions.

Here's another one for comparison. Heavy, with 24" length.

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Not just nice headgear, but stunning coloration on that one. A wonderful specimen all the way around.
Here is the one I shot in the Eastern Cape. We did not measure it, but by the looks of it, I'd say it's a great animal.


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