Hunting As a Tool for Wildlife Conservation

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    Hunting As a Tool for Wildlife Conservation
    The case of Sheep Hunting in Mexico
    by Raymond Lee , President and CEO, Wild Sheep Foundation

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    1993, following Mexico’s participation in the Convention in Trade of Endangered Species (CITES), all bighorn sheep hunting in Mexico was suspended because there was not enough technical information to allow the issuance of permits. To address this issue, and to better determine the bighorn sheep distribution and management opportunities, standardized helicopter surveys were initiated in Mexico in the winter of 1992. Hunting was reopened in Baja California Sur and Sonora in 1995. The Biosphere was first formally surveyed in 1996 and a large number of animals were observed. Through great efforts, the federal government authorized four permits Abstract. Pre-settlement bighorn sheep numbers in Mexico were large; however, the population did not fare well in the face of human activities. Bighorn sheep numbers decreased to the point that bighorn sheep hunting was closed in 1922. Standardized surveys were started in 1993, and hunting was reopened in two states in 1995.

    The Wild Sheep Foundation is the world’s primary wild sheep conservation organization. One of the ways that the Foundation raises funds is by auctioning wild sheep hunting permits. The Foundation has developed conservation programs in two states of Mexico. Since 1996, 77 permits have been sold for USD 5,626,175. The local communities also derive jobs, a source of self-respect, from these programs. Wild sheep are now their principal source of income.

    As the conservation measures were put into place, the number of bighorn sheep increased. The age and scores of the rams harvested have also increased through time.

    Download the entire article at View attachment 2787 .
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