Hunt and Fish the West for 150 dollars a day! Deer, bear, wolf, turkey, salmon, steelhead

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Apr 4, 2012
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If you're looking to experience great hunting in the West come visit us at the North Star Lodge in Idaho. We offer excellent hunting for whitetail deer, black bear, wolf and turkey as well as world class fishing for steelhead and chinook salmon. The trips are all DIY and as a result are only 150 dollars a day per guest. You'll stay in the comfortable lodge, with three meals a day provided and will be treated like family the minute you walk through the door. We can handle up to five guests at a time, anything from a bunch of rowdy friends to a family group. We will however, only take one group per week in order to keep a more private, personable atmosphere.

Here you can concentrate on one species or easily do a combination hunt with more than one specie or big salmon as long as the seasons coincide. Some of the more popular combination hunts are the early winter whitetail and wolf hunt or the springtime turkey, bear and salmon.

If you have any questions get ahold of me, Larry, at the contact info listed below. I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have....


North Star Lodge


150 dollars a day per guest. Includes, of course your stay at the lodge, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Minimum of 3 day stay is required, but you are welcome to stay as many days as you like if the schedule permits.


Whitetail Deer---Archery or Rifle Rut and early winter migration hunt available

Wolf---Best from December through March 5 tags available

Black Bear---Springtime spot and stalk

Turkey---Springtime only

Steelhead---Late winter and early spring

Chinook Salmon---Early summer

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