Howdy from Texas

You are not far at all..... I am originally from Denison, family still there. I'm down here in Allen now.
Small world. I grew up outside of Allen. Family farm is now under layers of concrete and houses, such is the way of the metromess

Denison is still good though. My wife loves cafe blackbird
Howdy everyone, I have been lurking here for the past couple of weeks and decided to join as I am moving from the "I would love to hunt in Africa" phase to the "I am going to go hunt in Africa" phase. Still doing research on where to go/who to use, but there are tons of great threads and information on here so I promise I wont be an FNG and post a thread without searching extensively first.

Aside from that, I am an avid hunter here in the US with most of my hunting done in south Texas and Pennsylvania. My uncle recently acquired more land in Wyoming so I am looking forward to tagging a moose up there in the future. I am a big 30 cal fan and use the 308 and .300wm quite often. I also am into reloading and try not to use factory ammo for my hunting if possible. Thanks for reading !

Welcome to a great Forum.
Enjoy the planning process of visiting Africa.
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