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Sep 8, 2009
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I have looked at the hornady DGS which they say is a solid but it isn't technically a solid. Anyone used these on elephant? Looking for some feedback on the performance
I used 450 NE DGS on Cape buffalo and they blew right through the 2 i shot last year...

i am not sure if that helps you...
I am not sure what Rastaman means by not technically a solid. It most certainly is a solid. It is a copper covered steel jacketed, lead core bullet. A solid in the classic sense in every way. Just because it isnt made of one material like a BBS does not mean it isnt a "solid".
I guess I thought a solid was just that,one piece of monolithic material like the barnes solid or the sledgehammer. I have never used a solid that wasnt.....well solid. I know the last solid I put into the head of an elephant was tweaked and warped a bit but otherwise looked like it came out of the box. Isn't there a concern that a jacketed bullet will deform? I'll admit I'm not a reloader or bullet guy so I may sound a bit uninformed here but I'll do some research. I sure like the hornady price.
Before the fairly recent emergence of the monolithic type solid, a solid was as described: a completly covered jacketed shell over either lead or sometimes as like the DGS, steel and then lead. Hornady solids have always enjoyed a good reputation and I can personally vouch for them as it took a total of one to put my second buff down with a neck/shoulder shot at over 140 yards way back in 1990! And yes sometimes solids of the old type deform but then as you just pointed out, so did one of your mono's apparently. Even years ago many hunters would state that whatever solid they used could almost be used again. As James.Grage also points out his buff did not repel the DGS. I think too much is made of mono solids and for that matter modern iterations of various bullets. In the old days "solids" were often called "full patch" bullets.
From Hornady site...

DGS Bullets are made with a hard lead/antimony alloy cone, surrounded by a copper clad steel jacket. These bullets feature a flat meplat for straighter penetration and create more energy transfer than a simple round profile bullet.

Hornady Dangerous Game Series ammunition is designed specifically for large game and safari hunting.
Learn something new everyday. Thanks.
I used the DGS in 470 on elephant and it worked fine. I recovered the slug in the off side cheek after it had passed through the skull. I was able to slip it into an empty case and it looked like it had not been fired. I will use them again.
Thanks. That is exactly the feedback from a proven field trial I was looking for. I want the weakest link to be my shooting abilities!!
I guess I'll have to see how these perform on Blue Duiker. I'll let you know if I recover anything.
I use to use DGS but have now moved onto Peregrine Bullets. Their performance is much better in my opinion.

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