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Discussion in 'Introductions & Greets' started by gwindrider1, May 10, 2009.

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    May 10, 2009
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    Hello fellow shooters/hunters. I saw a post on the "Campfire" forum about this new site, and decided to join.

    I have never hunted Africa, but am a lifelong dedicated hunter/shooter with a definite interest in going over the pond with a rifle one of these days. Also, I have become an addicted "big bore" shooter following the acquisition of a CZ in .458 Win.

    I look forward to learning from the experience of seasoned Africa hunters, and yearn for the day I can challenge myself facing DG.

    Although I have spent my career in the field of graphic arts, I have attained the level of master carpenter, and build custom cigar humidors, and rifle cases.

    My addictions in life, other than my wife, include aged tequila, fine Maduro cigars, and fine bolt action rifles.

    Good shootin' to ya, and I hope to learn much from the members here. Best of luck with your new forums! George
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    Welcome aboard there gwindrider!! I read your post in the reloading section can't help you with the 458 but have lots of experience in smaller calibers!! Don't be afraid to post new threads as there is a lot of very helpful & intelligent people out here who will steer you in the right direction!!
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    George, Glad to have you joining us! Sounds like you are on a slippery slope with the big bore rifle addiction and the yearning to face dangerous game... it's OK you can just let yourself slide, I can assure you there are only good things to be had if you do!

    If you have pictures of your rifle cases and humidors, feel free to post them in the photo gallery which will automatically link to your post header, by the way you can also post trophy pictures there.

    Thanks for your well wishes.

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