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Aug 28, 2019
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I arranged with the field owner to be at the ranch before dawn, so when the first light began to appear, we would already be among the herds.
It seemed that bad luck was going to persist for a while longer, because until almost 10 in the morning, there was a fog that, even though we heard the "cough" of the males, it was impossible for us to see them. So we settled under a grass, waiting for it to dissipate.
With the passing of the minutes, we were able to begin to see with the binoculars the males of the closest herd. One stood out that although it was not a trophy, it could be considered as huntable. My partner told me not to shoot, that surely a bigger one was going to appear, but after so long without being able to hunt, I preferred to secure my first male (since the idea was to hunt two). I just had to wait for him to start walking towards us, taking advantage of the fact that the wind was perfect. The rifle was a 25-06 Mauser, loaded with 120gn sierra points and a 6x42 leupold M8 sight. When he was no more than 80 meters away, I centered the reticle on his chest and waited for him to rotate. I fired and the first male fell on the spot. We took the obligatory photos and waited for another herd to arrive.
After an hour, we had no other group in sight. Due to rural tasks, my partner had to return to the ranch, so I was left alone.
Not long after, a new herd began to approach. Most of them passed very far from where I was, but two males began to walk towards my post, in parallel, at a distance of approximately 120 meters.
While looking at the first one with the binoculars, even with my inexperienced eyes, I noticed that he was bigger than the first one I had hunted, so I began to prepare for the shot. I was uncomfortable for taking the shot, but the distance was within the range in which I feel safe. When I was finally able to settle knee to the ground, I called for him to stop. As soon as it stops, shoot. I immediately felt the shot hit, but to my astonishment, the male began to run as if he were untouched. Luckily, he stopped at 20 meters and started looking for me. Since I wanted to secure the second shot, I began to crawl to get as close as possible, until I reached a distance of no more than 50 meters. Take the second shot aiming at the chest, and now he fell down. The first shot hits far back, missing any vital points.
I returned to my improvised post to tell my partner that I had hunted the second male, to which he replies that from where he was, there was a very large herd that was heading towards my location.
The only chance that he would catch a third male was if there was one larger than the second.
At 10 minutes, they start to arrive. At first they were only females or small males, but at the end of the pack, I managed to see 3 black males bigger than the second one I had hunted. I picked one and waited for it to be as close as possible. Again I aimed for the chest, and just like the first, it fell on the spot.
In the course of a few hours, I had been able to complete one of my best hunts. I hope that this good luck will accompany me until my next start, to find a good axis, which to this day, I have pending.

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Yeas all three appear to be very mature males! Nice work in a short time.
Awesome trophies! Congrats!
Those look like some very nice Blackbuck. Congrats! Good shooting. Blackbuck is on my list. Just have not been able to arrange a hunt that is satisfactory. Thanks for the great write up.

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