Going The Hole Hog: Lion Claws Through Mud For Seven Hours To Uncover A Warthog Hiding In Its Burrow


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Dec 18, 2015
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A lion determined to have warthog for dinner spent seven hours clawing his way through the mud to uncover its prey which had been hiding in its burrow.

Incredible pictures show the male African lion, caked in mud, pawing away at the ground to try and dig out the concealed 165lb warthog.

After the impressive effort, the warthog attempted to flee from its burrow but the lion, determined not to let its hard work go to waste, grabbed hold of the animal by the neck and killed it - before devouring it in five minutes.

Sales engineer Suhaib Alvi, 24, from Nairobi, Kenya, spotted the lion digging away at the Maasai Mara National Park.

Warthogs often steal burrows from other smaller animals such as aardvarks rather than wasting time digging their own holes.

The burrows are used as shelter to sleep safely in during the night, as well as to act as protection for their young from predators.

The baby animals will normally be allowed to enter the burrow first, with the mother warthog entering backward so she can spring out and try to face off against predators who come too close.


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