Generate Life-Size Posters From AH Shot Placement Images

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    Generate Life-Size Posters From AH Shot Placement Images


    I stumbled onto a free (at last check) program called Rasterbator which will generate a poster-sized printout from any image. The big image is made up of dots similar to the style of pictures you see in printed newspapers. The poster image is printed out on a series of 8.5"x11" paper (other sizes are an option) and when the pages are tacked up in the proper order the image will be seen. The generated image can be in either color or black and white plus you can determine the size of the image you want to print out (based on how many pages you want the image spread over).

    I've attached a sample of what the output looks like based on an image of a cape buffalo found in this forum as I plan to use it in practice for an upcoming handgun hunt. It's a .pdf and if you look at a page and zoom out you'll start to see what I'm talking about as it's easier to visualize than describe.

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