End Of Season Hunting Package In Namibia.

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    Only 60 km west from the capital, Windhoek.
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    Safari Club International, Namibia Tourism Board
    South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zambia
    1 x oryx trophy
    1 x red hartebeest trophy
    1 x warthog trophy

    1 x oryx non-trophy
    1 x red hartebeest OR 1 x blue wildebeest non-trophy

    7 days hunting from September to November 2015

    TOTAL: US$ 3 900

    Hunting 2x1 - minimum of 2 hunters, up to 4 hunters at a time

    Outfitter: Arub Safaris
    PH: Malan Lambrechts
    Area: 60 km west of Windhoek, Namibia, 10 000 hectare with no high fences
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