Educating The Anti-hunters

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Apr 1, 2017
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As a suggestion I thought it could be an idea to post articles showing the results of hunting and game preservation and livelihoods compared to the period before.

This would mean for example only, that a village that had no hunting would be subsistent with very few prospects for the people and particularly the young people. Show how the animals were slaughtered for subsistence food prior to the village been organized for catering for hunters and therefore the flow-on effect of preserving the game.

Any suggestions?

My wife for example, was very much against hunting or shooting as she calls it. She only sees the emotional side but I might add, she likes lamb roast particular and when I point out how they are slaughtered and that there is no difference between taking game and raising domestic animals for food. She does not want to know about it. I find many people like this. I believe it is because they think meat comes in packages at the supermarket and they do not want to know about the reality.
In Australia and the Greens, in particular, along with the Labor Party seem to be dead set against anybody having a firearm, let alone hunting. John Howard, a previous prime minister, introduced "tough new gun laws" and just to buy a firearm, now we have to get a permit. We have to join a gun Association or have a another good reason to own a firearm such as rural property. Speaking semiautomatics are not allowed, full stop.
Every time there is an incident involving firearms, the media in particular and some political parties are up in arms, shall we say. The interesting thing in Australia is according to Australian Bureau of Statistics, almost all murders are done with what they term "sharp "instruments".
These incidents, I might add, rarely get a mention, generally speaking, or a very brief comment, but nobody is talking about tough new knife thoughts are example. In the state I live now if you will spending tickets are deemed to be excessive, mean that you can lose your firearms license because you are not a good citizen.
The tough newo gun laws were introduced after the mass murder of 35 people in the state of Tasmania in 1996. John Howard, who hates guns, certainly made sure that this was unlikely to occur again. However, we have had 2 mass murders one including the city I live in whereby a woman burnt the house and murdered a number of her children and there is also a an incident of mass murder where a man used a hammer to kill his relatives. Does the media mention these mass murders? Have a guess!

In summary, I would suggest that we start to promote the benefits of hunting and the economics, particularly in developing countries such as the African countries whereby without hunting the people are destined to subsistence level of living at the best. We could demonstrate the benefits of hunting and economics, thus providing better education and prosperous times for all concerned.
I would like to hear from other members of their thoughts on what we can do to combat the antihunting anti-gun is anti-everything except Social Security.
Always share the positive story.
I got into a "discussion" with a woman the other day that is devoted to her emotional conclusions.
It was polite, I shared information and we danced on the

It showed me that the REAL story needs to get out more.

Look at the number of anti poaching "organizations" .

Search "Anti poaching funds"

Then restrict your search to
"anti poaching"
"anti poaching"
"anti poaching"

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