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Feb 3, 2020
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I booked a hunt with Comre Safaris in South Africa for July 2021. I'm bringing my 7mm and my bow. Just looking for recommendations for a bow case that is airline approved. Any other bow tips for a first time bow hunter to South Africa. Thanks.
Last year when I went to Namibia I used a SKB DOUBLE BOW/RIFLE CASE 3i-5014-DB
It worked fantastic. I went to WALMART and purchased a foam mattress cover for $15+/- and cut strips to fit the case. I did not use the SKB center foam for it was too thick when putting my rifle and my Mathews Vertix in the case. I stuffed all sorts of small items around the rifle in the bottom half to keep it from moving and to create a flat place for the foam to lay underneath my bow. I placed most of the stuff in extra socks to pad the items such as a gun cleaning kit. My arrows were with the rifle as well. I cut a short piece of 3" PVC pipe just to protect the vanes. Depending on where you fly in South Africa you may need a separate lockable ammo case as well. I used a SKB case as well. Pelican makes a great lockable ammo case as well. For the flight over the ammo box went in my luggage. For the flight back it had to be tagged separately for whatever reason by SAA. BTW, don't fly on SAA if you can from it. It is a #$#$%#$ airline, poor maintenance and poor inflight service. The big thing to watch with the box case is the width. My parallel limb Mathews just fit.
SKB Double bow case
+2 on SKB double bow case. I have pelican cases for my rifles but the SKB is better for bows, in my opinion.
I used a Plano Pillar Bow Case when I went to Namibia .....arrows were in a tube with field points attached ...broadheads were in a small tackle box that was wrapped tightly with extra tape ( but I do like the sock idea ) and a lot of extra clothing was packed in the bow case too . Then locked the case and added a velcro tie around the handle . Only problem I had was the bow was shipped with the rifles others had on board and I had to wait in Namibia with everyone else .

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