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Mar 17, 2015
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Local gun shop has 6 boxes of Barnes original 375 cal 270 grain bullets for sale looking for load data. These are the lead spitzer .049 jackets not in Barnes books 1 or 2
A email to Barnes would get you the data.
l would think the load data for the Swift A-Frame would be close, if using it l would start out low for sure.
Years ago before their first reloading manual they sent me a print out of load data for their bullets, but it only shows the heaviest weight per cartridge. I can take a picture of that if you think it would help you.
It sure would be a great starting point, I would be running them in a model 700 APG 26” for elk and PG.
Have to excuse the scribbling, my daughter decided that was a good spot to do that years ago

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Barnes original 375 cal 270 grain bullets load data. .049 jackets

I don't have the data at present but I did some load development about 40 years ago using that bullet along with a few others and I recall the same date could be used in the two rifles that I was using (both M70s) for either the Barnes and the Speer bullets. they even had nearly identical sight settings. If you can't find data for the .049s try the Speer data with the usual disclaimers.
I have Barnes #3 on my shelf. what powders are you interested in loads for?
Barnes original 375 cal 270 grain bullets load data. .049 jackets

II scrounged up the old records- guess it pays to be a pack-rat, Loads I used for the 270 gr Barnes and Speer (later replaced by the 285 gr) was 70 gr IMR 4064. that was before I had a chronograph so I don't know the velocities, but the trajectories were similar to other loads that had velocities in the 2600 fps range. No doubt higher velocities can be obtained using slower powders, but in those days we just went by what writers recommended and IMR 4064 was what Jack O'Connor used.
Thanks have plenty of 4064 on hand. Currently shooting factory Nosler 260 accubond in new to me rifle. Looking to load for under up to 300 yard elk load. Have other choices but 375 does hit hard

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