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Received a box of these a few years ago on a trade. I finally obtained a 416 Remington (M=70) and want to use these up, but can't find any reloading data. Anyone know a decent load for these bullets, or where i can find data? As always thanks for any help.



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From Barnes Reloading Manual Number 3:
Case - Remington, Primer - 215, Barrel - 24"
AA 2520 - 69.0 to 74.0 gn 2413 fps
RL 15* - 73.0 to 78.0 gn 2489 fps
H4895* - 69.0 to 74.0 gn 2405fps
H380 - 76.0 to 81.0 gn 2392 fps
IMR 4320 - 69.0 to 74.0 gn 2374
IMR 4064 - 69.0 to 74.0 gn 2410 fps
* Recommended powder

This should get you started.

I don’t reload so I am unsure.

But Id imagine if you just worked up from a light load from TSX 400gr .416 data it wouldn't be that different but not certain.
Screen Shot 2023-04-04 at 10.48.20 AM.png
Those are the old (problematic) smooth shanked original X bullets and are a lot different from the more recent banded shank bullets. The reloading data is not the same and results will not be the same.
Thanks to all for the replies. I have the Barnes manual (#4), but it doesn't list these bullets. I will not be using them for anything more dangerous than paper.
Barnes sent me the data from the #3 manual, but there is no data on this particular bullet.
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