Arabian Leopard. Today I got bitten by one

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Dec 1, 2015
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Arabian Leopard? How could it be?

Some older members of Africahunting may recall my obsession with Ingwe

Yes indeed, this very day I was bitten by a Leopard

An Arabian Leopard

And I was happy about it too !

As many of you will know I spend some of the year working in the Middle East
Today I met with a couple of my clients who are Vets.
(Excuse me for "Operational security" (Opsec) with what follows;)

At the end of the meeting "Ade, before you go there is something I want to show you{"

He left the room and came back with a "spotted cat"
"Is this what I think it is?" Says I, wondering
"Yes" he said

It was an Arabian Leopard. Four weeks old. About as big as a domestic cat.

"Can I hold it " says I

"Yes sure" Wow

It climbed all over me tried to eat my fingers, thumbs ,hands, ears and what ever else it could.
It wanted to chew meat. :)

Sharp teeth but no damage. Still probably exploring meat and not wishing to chew-off it's mother's teats
It is the outcome, finally, of a captive breeding program here.
This is the first captive-bread Leopard to be born in 21 years

There are only about 180 Arabian Leopards globally and less that 75 in the wild.

Qatari and UAE wankers, will pay millions (chose your currency) to have one as a "Pet"

This particular Leopard kitten had been rejected by his mother so will, will of course not be released and remain in the breeding programme. Currently fed every 3 hours with substitute cat-milk.
It had a fat little belly. Seems living in a Villa is good :)

I wanted to share this as it was incredible and even if only vicariously hope you feel the same way

I did ask if a picture was appropriate (already knowing the answer of course, but had to try) so cannot provide.
If only I could.

Black market for this fellow is in excess of £ 300,000. Hence the serious caution,

I am still buzzing about this encounter 4 hours later.

I will see it again in a month but may be more circumspect before I give it a cuddle.

It will never be released to the wild as it will have no fear of humans , which is of course more of an issue for the cat than humans so e will enter the captive breeding programme.
I wish him luck with his shagging :)



Here is a wild one in the same Country

Striking color pattern, even for a leopard. Thanks for sharing.

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