Additional Restrictions on Hunting in Zimbabwe

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    Additional Restrictions on Hunting in Zimbabwe

    SCI has learned that the U.S. State Department is planning new actions designed to discourage U.S. hunting revenues from being used to support the efforts of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe.

    In 2003, the State Department published a list of individuals with whom U.S. citizens were prohibited from engaging in business, and in 2005, the State Department expanded that list. According to a recent edition of The Hunting Report, "the State Department was going to be releasing soon a new list of Targeted Individuals with whom it is illegal under current sanctions for Americans to do business." As soon as that new list is released, SCI will post it on our website.

    SCI is sponsoring the annual African Wildlife Consultative Forum (AWCF), which takes place this week in Mozambique. Wildlife officials from many African nations, along with representatives of the hunting industry, will be attending this year’s meeting to coordinate and discuss issues relevant to the hunting industry so we hope to have more information on this topic at a later time.

    Source: Safari club International

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