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Jul 15, 2023
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Hi guys, some advice pls. Just bought a sako 450 rigby. What would be the nest bullet for it, 440 gr or 500 g
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500gr Rhino solid shanks. 500gr Swift A frames.
Hi guys, some advice pls. Just bough a sako 450 rigby. What would be the nest bullet dor it, 440 gr or 500 g
A 440 grain .458” bullet has a sectional density of .300 and a 450 grain .458” bullet has a sectional density of .306 (virtually the same as the 9.3x62 and the 375 H&H with traditional bullet weights), just meeting the conventional wisdom threshold of appropriate sectional density for a dangerous game bullet, so I personally wouldn’t hesitate to use them if they are monometal or bonded.

That said, I would personally choose the 500 grain bullet as it has an sd of .341. Or go up to the 550 grains and it’s sd of .375.
Get a copy of Pierre van der Walt’s book: African Dangerous Game Cartridges. There is a good bit of information on the 450 Rigby in the book, as well as info on firearms, cartridges, and bullet selection for dangerous game rifles. There is reloading information for the 450 Rigby in the book. Making your own loads will open up a much wider variety of bullet weights and types over what is offered in factory loaded ammunition. There is not any official published load information for the 450 Rigby available from the major manufacturers ( Barnes, Hodgdon, Swift, etc). However, you can REDUCE the load info for the 460 Weatherby Magnum by 5%, and if I remember correctly you can reduce load data for the 450 Dakota by 2.5% for use in the Rigby. Good luck with the rifle!
Great to know that. Thank you. I’ll have to pick one up.
What do u guys think of the aimpoint H2 dor the 450 rigby, or what would h suggest
What do u guys think of the aimpoint H2 dor the 450 rigby, or what would h suggest
I shoot with a Aimpoint Micro H1 on my 450 Rigby and am extremely satisfied.


That is 3 shots at 50m from the sticks
What do u guys think of the aimpoint H2 dor the 450 rigby, or what would h suggest

An H-2 should work great!

Personally, I prefer the versatility of a low power variable optic (LPVO) on a large bolt action. A 1-4 or 1-6x is a great thing on a 5 to 200 yard gun! A H-2 would be the next best thing in a smaller package! For a PH, the ease of carrying a rifle without a scope would be golden. One could wrap their hand around a rifle's balance point next to the Aimpoint (or RMR).

The Aimpoint H-2, successor to their great H-1, is a more than great optic!
I've competed in Precision Pistol (formally Bullseye) using H-1's on Pardini .22's and ultra accurate Accuracy X 1911's in .45 and 9mm. For Bullseye, I would not even consider a RMR or SRO. Their windage and elevation adjustments are not fine enough. The Aimpoints have very accurate windage and elevation adjustments. Further they "track", that is move them one way then back the same number of clicks and the gun will go back to it's point of impact.

I recently mounted a H-1 on a Blaser S-2 double rifle and really, really liked it! The H-1 and I presume the H-2 have a dial with positive clicks for the dot intensity. Zero-ing the H-1 with positive clicks are as easy as a scope. The size of the Aimpoint dots do increase in size similar to the Trijicon RMR/SRO dots. That's why I like 1 MOA or for the Aimpoints smallest available 2 MOA dots. Turn up the intensity and they can't help but get bigger. Turn down the intensity for long shots for more accurate aiming.

Here are snapshots of my Blaser S-2 with a 1-4 Nightforce NSX scope, a Aimpoint H-1, and a Trijicon SRO.

Blaser S2 w NF 1-4_1.jpg
Blaser S-2 w Aim_1.jpg
Blaser S-2 x SRO_1.jpg
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If i want to mount the aimpoint h2 on my 450 rigby sako, do i need a special adapter or something?
Any thoughts on the leopold delta point pro doe the sako 450 rigby
Whichever direction you go, do your best to keep the sighting plane as low as possible to maintain a proper cheek weld. The last thing you want is your stock getting a head start on bashing your face as you pull the trigger.

Personally I like the offerings from Holosun because they offer more reticle options than the Trijicons and are just as durable.

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