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Discussion in '.375 & Up' started by elmerfudd555, Feb 14, 2015.

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    I havent seen this stated here yet but I handled a 416 Ruger, Left handed Hawkeye African at the SCI show last week. Ruger told me it was quietly (why?) introduced that week. Will be on the market very soon.

    I have been shopping for a lefty 416 or 404 Jeff for the last few months and getting prices from multiple sources. This intro certainly changes the game price wise for those of us who like our bolt on the correct side of the rifle and want controlled round feeding.

    A few lingering issues - No nostalgia or pride of ownership with the 416 Ruger. Is that worth the 3-5K extra I will pay for a Rigby or Jeffrey caliber? I dont know yet I guess. The savings would allow me some additional trophy fees down the road.

    Secondly, DAMN is that rifle going to kick like my mother in law! Way too light in my mind for a DGR. Yes it comes with that ugly muzzle brake and it is removable. But wow. The rifle felt like it weighed 7lbs.

    Third, a PH friend of mine said both of his Hawkeye Africans have had stock splits behind the tang, in both 375 and 416. He looked at the rifle with me and said they are using the wrong kind of walnut in these wood stocks?
    Anyone else seeing that?

    Lastly my PH asked me why I want something bigger than the truly beautiful custom model 70 safari I used last year for buffalo and lion. His comment was I shoot it very well, clearly am not afraid of it and for Elephant and Hippo that I want the bigger bore for, he feels I will do just fine with the 375 H&H as we will be doing our best to set up a side brain shot, frontal brain shots are for TV shows. Put the money towards a leopard as once the lions are shut down, they will be next to go.



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    Don't know much about the Rugers technically, so I will let other's comment on that.

    But.... I got a .375 H&H exactly because of nostalgia. Didn't even consider one of the new .375s. No issue with anyone who does, but I liked the thought of the H&H and Africa.

    I also agree that your PH is dead on with his comments about "need." You don't "need" anything else. That .375 will fit your "need" quite well. My .375 fits my "need" quite well. So what did I do? I bought a .458 Lott. :) I wanted it and I want to shoot DG in Africa with it. My next DG hunt is not likely until 2018, so I have plenty of time to sort it out and get the same confidence in it that I have in my .375. If I can't do that I won't take it, period.

    One thing about being left handed with big bores. Used rifles are hard to find, but they are harder to sell it seems. When they are available good deals can be had.

    So... Long winded way of saying the .375 will do what you need it to, but if you want a bigger rifle, fo for it!!!

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    It seems that any budget big-bore bolt action rifle is susceptible to cracked stocks. The only I've never heard of having such an issue are Winchester Model 70 rifles. But the others, the Ruger's, CZ's, MRC's all seem to have issues, that way, often enough to be of concern.

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