375 zero distance

I sighted in my Win 70 375HH at FTW Ranch with Barnes 235g TSX and 63g of 4064 for a 200 yd zero. It gives me 1.75 in. high at 100, 3 in. low at 250 and 6 in. low at 275 yards. 9 in. low at 300. For me, 250 is about as far as I want to shoot off sticks for pg without a lot of figuring elevation. I have taken two springbok at 250 but not as a rule.
I have everything I need to reload except the correct dies. But right now I'm unable to set up anywhere
Wade, JME, but it will depend on what animals you are hunting, what ranges they will be hunted in and what bullet you are using. First thing I do is email my PH to get his suggestions for bullet, scope setup and ranges.
Examples: if you are hunting the open ranges of savanas or Eastern Cape, or Namibia Kalahari areas, for impala and larger, you might want to consider a maximum point blank 3-4” high/low setting. If you are hunting thick bushveld of Limpopo, etc., and duiker at 20 yards up to impala, you would do fine with a 100 yard zero.
If you are using a blunt Hornady 300 grain vs a 250 grain Barnes TTSX, there will be a good difference at 300 yards.
Best of luck! You’re going to have a grand time!
Not sure why there is even mention of hunting with a 375 H&H out to 400 yards....

Hunting in Africa 300 yards would be a long shot, especially for a first time hunter. 75-max 200 is more likely.

300gr bullet sighted in to zero at 200 yards will have you low by about 9" at 300, if you cannot hit it with that, you should not be hunting at those ranges.

375H&H is not a long range rig.

Take your 300 and the 375H&H, as this makes one of the best two rifle combinations for Africa....
.300 grn. bullet 100yds Zero. For Leopard, Croc, Hippo we re-zero exact shooting distance. If for some reason (which never seems to happen) we are going to be shooting distances over 200 yards. It is very easy to do if we know your zeroed at 100yds. If I was hunting Gemsbok in Namibia I might give you a totally different answer.
Using the shooters calculator
(Using my reloading data)

Shooting a Barnes 300 TSX bullet:

BC: .357
MV: 2435 (using my reload data)
Zero: 200 yds
Sight height: 1.5 inches
Angle: 0
Wind: 0
Altitude: 2000 feet above sea level
Air Temp: 65°F
Barometric Pressure: 29.92
Humidity: 30%

At 400 yards: bullet drop is: 33.4 inches

MV: 2400 fps:

At 400 yards: bullet drop is: 34.6 inches

MV: 2450 fps:

At 400 yards: bullet drop is: 32.6 inches

Using a mil dot, with Bullet Drop Comp, scope, a "cheat sheet", a 400 yard shot with a .375 H&H is doable.

With my eyes my .375 H&H has a 4-16 x 50 scope, that I set at 10 power when stalking. Once on the sticks I can increase or decrease the power accordingly.
I usually do my stalking set at 4x and move up if time or the situation allows.
No time to move down if things happen fast

I should have explained, better defined that scope setting.


You are correct when still hunting/stalking in moderate to thick brush and woods it is best to set a scope on the lowest setting for a quick/"snap" shot.

On my first 2 trips to South Africa, I used my 30-06, mounted with 4-16 x 54 scope set on 10 power.

First trip most of the animals were initially spotted 300- 800 yards away in open clearings, grass land/fields, or very light brush and we would get to 100 yards for the shot.

On my second trip: with exception to shooting a black blesbuck at 40 yards and a bush buck at 140 yards. All my shots ranged from 250-500 yards. So I increased the scope setting to 12 power and adjusted up most of the time.
Dittos on what Ridgewalker said. What and where make all the difference in the world. Another option is to have two scopes on QD rings that can be switched depending on the game and distance being hunted on any particular day. On African hunts I bring two rifles one for larger game and one for smaller stuff. Doing so gives me lots of options. For those that bring only one rifle i.e. a 375 H&H I think the two scope option is best.
2 rifles is what I was thinking. There is nothing on my first safari list that my 300 win can't handle.
But I want to use the 375 as well just cuz
I zeroed my .375 H&H at 200 yards and did fine. My longest shot with that rifle was in the 250 yard range IIRC at an Eland quartering away. It was fine at that range for the whole hunt as my guide usually got me much closer than 200 yards. My personally prized Kudu for example was taken at about 100 yards.

But I also did what I always do and that once zeroed at 200 yards I shot it at 100, 50, 25 and then 10 yards to get the point of impact at those distances. Why? Because those are distances that are marked at my home range and it gives me a mental picture of the bullet's trajectory. And, because that's what I always do. :LOL:
100 yds dead on and a leupold 2.5X8, I can shoot 200-250 with no problem, beyond that, let's get closer and HUNT!!
I had a 1.5X5 but as I got older, I feel like more power is helpful, Plus it helps to discern of I really have a clear shot or if something is between me and the vitals.
I zeroed for 200 yds for my 375HH Ruger No. 1 using Barnes TTSX 250s. With hand loads and after putting them through the chronograph I was 2.1” high at 100. I knew my drop at 300 and was comfortable if I had to take that shot. Shortest shot I took was 50 and longest at 210ish. That 200 yd zero worked fine and I told myself I wasn’t going to take a shot past 300. I held dead on with my shots and worked out fine.
As stated sight in your 375 1-2 inches high at 100, keep your shots between 200-275. After that 300 wsm or standard is the way to go on large PG.
I have my 375 zeroed at 100 with a target turret (CDS on VX6 1-6x24) specifically calibrated for my 300 grain AFrames. It’s set up for buff and tiny ten. I think this is perfect if you take a 300WM also for a two-gun set up.

However, I have a Trijicon 2.5-12.5x42 with mildots that I’m considering on the 375 as an all-around single African rifle. To be fair, I’ve never wished I had less magnification than 2.5x.

As others have correctly noted, the magnum receiver on a CZ creates scope mounting issues. It limits which scopes fit well and offer appropriate eye relief.
Just based on the physics, you could throw a 300 gr AF at 2600, with a 275 yd zero. Without having to adjust for holdover, that puts the bullet in a cape buffalo's heart all the way out to about 325 yards (assuming your cross hairs were centered on the heart).

And then there's reality, where 200 yards is further than I'd ever pull the trigger on a cape buffalo. I'd sight in for 100 yards and never fool with it again (unless crocs or leopards were in the offing).
I like a 150 yd zero which depending on the bullets BC and velocity will in a .375, be just a tad over 1" high at 100, and only a couple inches low at 200 depending on other factors.
This is exactly how I keep my 375 zeroed, so any distance from 0-200m if you are holding on the animals shoulder you are going to easily be in the kill zone on big game.
it could be argued that 3" high at 100 will do the same out to 250.

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