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I must be getting old, like my friend Paul aka Velo Dog, so I also rent.

It´s nice to travel like a normal tourist ;)
I’ll worry less about what to take and focus more on being capable. I don’t want to guarantee anyone else a shot.

Hopefully it is a life changing experience for me too. I’m a firearms enthusiast and enjoying exploring the options.

Thank you all.
Firearm advice is very personal, but this is what worked for me, Once LOL. I've only taken my own firearms hunting in Africa once so far but was perfectly satisfied with two rifles, my Merkel double barrel .450-400 3" ( with 1-4 quick detachable scope) and a Verney-Carron takedown bolt action 9.3x62 with a good S&B scope. Both are accurate, capable, and reliable, and not too costly compared to some of the other options. Buffalo and plains game were taken with no worries. Both fit in one medium suitcase that didn't even look like a gun case. Made transport so much easier. If I was to bring a shotgun I'd bring a 12 ga, double barrel to match my dangerous game rifle. Two triggers, and tang safety, to keep my "muscle memory" tuned up for quick opportunities. From the limited research I've done about good African bird hunting shotguns, it seems prudent to choose a 12 ga, double barrel of some sort. Semis and pumps are not always welcome in all countries, and supply of shells is much easier to acquire in 12ga. than 20, or my favourite 16 ga.
I have a soft spot for Merkels. Saw your post with pics. Looks like a very nice choice to me. Congratulations.
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Kevin's suggestion was nearly perfect!

- I'd borrow or rent a shotgun (I borrowed one from my the PH for birds) - we hardly spent any time fooling with them.
- .30/06 (His Sako suggestion was spot on for plains game)
- The Heym is also excellent (I'd go for a .470 NE, but nothing wrong with a 450/400) - it's probably better on your shoulder.
Thank you for the reply. I was expecting and maybe hoping for a more exotic list.

Sorry man. The best advice isn’t always the coolest. No PH ever looked down on a hunter who showed up with a reasonably priced rifle that he could shoot well. A PH is far more likely to cringe when the first time safari client pulls out a 50k double he got the month before.

Have you ever shot a double? They are relatively speaking rather difficult to shoot well. Not to mention you could pay for a solid safari for what one cost.

If as a hobby you want to pursue more exotic firearms, then by all means go for it. If you goal is to put animals in the salt, then go get a good .300 mag and .375 bolt action and book a hunt.
I have not shot a double. To be fair, I’ve only seen two at any gun shop or gun show I’ve been to…both were Merkels in .30-06. That was probably part of the allure, but I understand your point.

I liked Kevin’s choices too. Sakos are a favorite.
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Have something big, that can stop a charge under worst condition....

Have something powerful & flat shooting for PG...

Have a 12 ga double shotgun....

30-06 and 375H&H continue to be the classic African 2-battery rifle set for a good reason. I’d say any .30 caliber and .375 to .458 caliber combo will get the job done nicely.

For a shotgun, 12 bore because of ammo availability. O/U because of the (previously mentioned) possible problems with semi-autos and pumps.

Truth be told, a 375H&H with 300 grain Swift A-Frames (and a few solids) will do it all and save you from having to cart 3 firearms around the airport. Use a camp shotgun for the birds. I prefer to travel light and keep it simple.
Krieghoff Classic with barrels for 470NE/375/30-06/20g. Or Blaser Luxus R8 in 416 rem/375/30 cal of choice with O/U of choice. I have both setups, both are awesome.
450/400 double with a 20ga extra set of barrels

9.3x62 Rigby Highland stalker

275 rigby (Same round as a 7x57) Highlans stalker
When you first start out its usually about putting animals on the ground in rapid style. The more experience and time you put in the more you appreciate hunting in style with classic firearms, and spend more time hunting with your eyes and feet with less concern about qty. For a newby roll with a quality bolt action 375 scoped and a shotgun you can shoot well with and have ammo available. And make sure to practice a lot off sticks with the rifle. Never hurts to be able to remove the scope and go irons if the scope breaks....which happens.

My upcoming safari this summer is going to be with a 1920's english double 470ne and a 1957 20 gauge browning superposed my father gave me 20 years ago that has no bluing left on the tangs from carrying around and killing truckloads of pheasants in iowa.

I'm not taking a shot with the rifle past 75 yards and I'm dying to try some african fowl on the dinner plate.
I understand more of why the suggestion of renting.

I was looking into transporting my firearms into Tanzania. $250 per firearm up to 3, plus a shotgun and 200 rounds of ammunition per firearm.

Coming through the US I need a transit permit through my connection, which will be in Amsterdam. Any tips on getting this approval? Is it possible to stay over in Amsterdam a few days while transiting?

I found where to apply for the transit permit, but it seems the website was down.
1)Your favourite 12ga shotgun. Your favourite deer rifle and a .416Rigby.
2)Don't dick around with cartridges, just practise every chance you get before you go.
3)Habitat for good bird hunting can be different than for PG. Be prepared to relocate.

For your first trip (there is never only one) take one rifle and learn the basics. Your second trip will be much more enjoyable.
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Hi @mdsalern
You mentioned Browning Continental O/U .30-06/20ga set and that You want something exotic (in american continent), so I shall play too :D:
Brno Combo O/U in 9.3x74R/12ga - decent firepower in aprox. 6.6 pounds package ;) .... Booom - there You have it - You wanted 3 gun battery, and now You can go with only one :LOL::LOL::LOL:

This is my recommendation, if You would insist to bring one gun only.
NONTHELESS three gun battery plan is much better - the more the merrier - especially with guns :LOL:
Enjoy Your hunt
While I might differ slightly on calibre choices, I have to congratulate your choice! That's the 'money' play for sure! Good combo of adequate killing power across all sensible hunting ranges at velocities that shouldn't create issues around bullet performance. And ammo availability locally if you should require any should not be an issue.
Good, proven rifles too! Hopefully the 300WM in Featherweight isn't too snappy on the recoil but you can figure that out prior to the trip.

Your PH will approve - just hone your shooting skills off sticks now and you're all set!

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