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    Good day,

    Due to researching Buffalo hunts for my UK clients, I have spoken to dozens of hunting Operators and booked hunts for 2011 for my clients.

    I have, as a result, got a few hunts left for 2011.

    Big ( thousands of square kilometers ) areas in Zambia and Mozambique where you will see a LOT of Buffalo . Also present will be Elephant, Lion, Leopard and Plains Game. These are proper big game areas !

    Prices depend on where you will end up, but I have hunts from US$11,000 for a 10 day Buffalo and Plains Game hunt. Trophy fee $3,000 for a Bull.

    No fees charged to you. I will organise the hunt for you and have hunted the areas myself.

    One specific date I have for 1 or 2 hunters is in Mozambique Sept 26th 2011 for 10 days. Excellent tiger fishing at that time of year as well.

    Let me know with your email address if interested. 50% deposits sent direct to the operator confirms the hunt.

    All best

    Tony Williams
    GB&W Safaris UK

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