1 MOA accuracy less common than you think ?


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Sep 16, 2014
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Something I have been thinking about for a while now, many will boast that they can hold a 3/4 " group all day. But very few people can step up to the firing line and put 5 bullets in 1 inch around the bull. $1000 prize and it took 5 days before someone took the money. I hope the youtube link works.

Bring that challenge to many gun clubs. He'd be out a C note in a couple minutes.
Yep 3 shot groups are silly.

I still use ‘em though :LOL: But ya I’m sure most of my quarter size 3 shots groups would soon open up as you add that 4th and 5th.

Odds and statistics and all these things right?
I like the disclaimer at the first of the video.

But I need to load up the bus from the gents down at the gun club and he would quickly be broke.

I have 3 rifles that will shoot that 1 moa group for 5 shots, and if he wants accuracy at a certain range I'd just need to sight my rifles in for his distance. Right now they are all sighted in at 250 yards. With a zero of 100 yards it would be even easier to do.
To be fair, this site is more of an exception vs the rule. It’s been stated before, most hunters aren’t shooters, and most shooters aren’t hunters. Go to the average deer camp and see who can hold MOA. I know I sure can’t, but that’s my mission now that my range is complete.
It's kinda funny all these 1" guarantee blah blah, sub moa blah blah blah. Roy Weatherby was ahead of his time, yet another example of this, and his rifles were guaranteed to shoot 1.5" 3 shot groups in the 50's and 60's, tons of game was being killed with those rifles back then. The quality of ammo wasn't even comparable to modern specs. I don't own a Weatherby rifle, had a few in the past I really liked, just not my thing now, but I sure do admire his place in American rifle hisory.
A LOT of guns will easily hold MOA under the right conditions and circumstances... its really not that hard to achieve these days with modern machining, quality ammunition, etc..

the challenge is combining the right rifle with the right glass with the right shooter..

a knucklehead who shoots a couple of thousand rounds a year with his $5000 "precision" rifle, but doesnt actually know what he is doing wont accomplish the mission..

neither will a world class F1 shooter if you put him behind an entry level AR15 shooting wolf steel cased ammo, using a 4x ACOG..

But Id venture you put a well trained and experienced shooter behind something as common as a Begara B14 (MOA accuracy guarantee from the factory) or a Daniel Defense Delta 5 (MOA guarantee from the factory).. with a high quality 4-14x optic (or better) and match grade ammo (something like either lake city match or federal gold medal match).. and that guy will put 7-10 shots into a 1" circle.. and wont try super hard to do it..

Certainly rifle manufacturers are going to market their products and only proclaim the best possible performance you can get from the design.. and put the requirements to get to that performance level all in the small print.. and then every bucketheaded tacticool wannabe is going to proclaim he has a MOA gun when the best group he has ever shot in his life is closer to 3"....

But that doesnt remove the fact that the same rifle when combined with the right ammo, the right glass, and the right shooter cant keep a whole lot of rounds in a tiny little circle..

its just confirms that the buckethead is a buckethead..
Totally aeree, 1 moa it's not so common, not all day nor any given time. Our rifles are mainly hunting stick, light and chambered in hunting calibers with hunting bullets. My rifles shot straight, but one likes cold weather, the other some fouling, another one a given bullet above all the others, and so on...
AND, I have to be in good shooting form, calm and concentrated.
The mith of 1" is definitely less common than publicized.
Further fuel to the fire, another video by the same guy where he says his average across a lot of rifles and ammo is 1.8 ". He documents many manufacturers 'guarantees' of accuracy. His video supports my view- true 1 moa is very common online but very rare in real life. I myself am pretty sure I cannot walk up to the firing line and produce a 1 moa group with my hunting guns. I dont have chassis/ target type rifles but I probably could not hold my groups less than an inch with a target rifle.
Be more interesting if you said right this is the distance and you can only shoot of bags….man that tripod at the end mars well use a lead sledge
When I lived in Soviet Occupied California, I hunted ground squirrels quite often.
For this, a split hair accurate rifle and powerful scope was best.
However now, over the past 40 years that I’ve been blessed to hunt hooved game almost as often as I want to, the below paragraph has become pretty much my philosophy:

If a hunter, standing over shooting sticks, can consistently hit an apple at 100 paces, a grapefruit at 200 and a watermelon at 300, said hunter will have no problem keeping the skinners and butchers busy.

In other words, for other than the tiniest targets at long range, putting 5 shots into under an inch, now days does not even gather a second glance from me.
I have a number of rifles that I know I can beat this standard with. However, I have my own range, shoot at 600 & 800 regularly, and truly great equipment. Interestingly, one of the rifles I know will do it is a custom AR in 6.5 Grendel. It can be expected to shoot 1.5”, 5 shot groups at 300 with boring regularity.
The topic is always controversial and unfortunately there are often many statement on the internet that look different in the reality.

I also own hunting rifles with which it is sometimes possible to shoot a MOA with five shots at 100m, but I emphasize sometimes, because under the same conditions it is often no longer possible the next day. It depends on many factors, also and maybe above all from the shooter behind the rifle. You certainly don't need a suitable rifle for something like that and be able to shoot with five shots a MOA at 100 yards for shooting game at the usual distances, but a hunter who has for various reasons to shoot on game at 400 to 500 yards, should achieve such precision at 100 yards with its rifle.
Public range w/ factory guns and low quality, mass-produced ammo (poss substandard optics, shooting form too) OR private range w/ accurized or fully-custom rigs using pet handloads? Nearly all rifles here (including 375 & 416) can do it under the best conditions (even accurized/handloaded Rem7600 pumps and rimfires and even some out of the box Rem 700 and Ruger 77s using premium factory ammo,) but 5 of 'em can do it at anytime (custom, handloads-just perfection at a price-.257/.264/.284/.308/.338) and 2 more if we're including 22-250! I agree that the vast majority would not, off the cuff. It's that damn bell curve! Some of us are fanatics. Time permitting, when I really need to dial in a rifle perfectly, I'll go to a climate controlled indoor 100 yd range. It's like a lab for a perfect sight in (no wind, sun in your face, chatter/distractions-can have the place to yourself at times, 68F) but most are dialed in on my own 100/200/300 yd range when the weather is perfect (perfect meaning on the hottest days of summer for Africa or the SW and on a 45F or less day for hunting in the N. US.) It's important to test your pet handloads in the extreme heat prior to heading out hunting, as some powders take on different personalities. Even the widely varying bench designs can have effects on group size (i.e. sagging/bending thin plywood vs. rubber pad on concrete, etc.) I recall testing my shots with NO caffeine and after a dose of caffeine, and would you believe NO caffeine worked out better? I thought it might improve things, but it did not in my case. It becomes important on the long shots...
Something I have been thinking about for a while now, many will boast that they can hold a 3/4 " group all day. But very few people can step up to the firing line and put 5 bullets in 1 inch around the bull. $1000 prize and it took 5 days before someone took the money. I hope the youtube link works.

Backfire is clickbait all day. Sure most people can’t do it especially under pressure but I would be willing to bet in the right hands and with the right ammo a whole bunch of those guns that were shown could do it. He makes it sound like a marketing gimmic That people can’t shoot well due to lack of practice.
I can shoot 2” groups all day, even with some iron sights. 1” is pretty tough for me. I’ve done it, but not regularly. I would say that it is me and not my equipment, as I’ve tried with several rifles.
To be honest it doesn’t concern me all that much.

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