winchester model 70

  1. Mauser3000

    Pre-64 Model 70 Winchester .22 Hornet

    I’m thinning the herd and want to sell my pre-64 Winchester model 70 in .22 hornet. It is in excellent condition and was made in 1951. It wears a Bausch & Lomb Balvar 2.5x-4x scope in Bausch & Lomb adjustable mounts. I would like to get 4000.00 plus shipping for this rifle but would be open to...
  2. LES7

    LH CRF 264 Win Mag

    Hello everyone. Im looking for preferably a post 64 Winchester model 70 LH CRF in 264 mag. I do have a line on a couple donor actions (to re-barrel) guns. But thought I’d throw it on here see what’s out there. Thanks
  3. Captain Munro

    416 Remington Magnum V.S. 458 Winchester Magnum

    Good morning, AHF, I have several comparison questions regarding these 2 calibers and I am positive I will get the best answers here. I have done some research already on several of these topics, but I like real user input. Ammunition Cost (PPR)? Availability of Ammunition (USA and Africa)...
  4. Captain Munro

    Customizing the Model 70 Safari Express

    It looks more and more likely that the Winchester Model 70 Safari Express, current production, will be my first big game rifle. I was wondering about the what/who/and how of customizing the factory model to get something like what is posted in the link below (I know it is an old for sale post...
  5. BigGame

    For Sale Custom Winchester M70 Alaskan 375 H&H w/CRF

    Custom Winchester M70 ALASKAN 375 H&H w/CRF $1825 shipped to your FFL Again, here is a custom Winchester Alaskan in 375 H&H with CRF. Stock includes ebony fore end with windows peak, fully pillar bedded, solid steel grip cap and William's bottom metal, talley bases and jeweled bolt. I'm taking...
  6. BigGame

    For Sale Custom Winchester 416 Rem Mag w/CRF

    Custom Winchester in 416 Rem Mag w/CRF $1825 shipped to your FFL There is just too much to list on this custom rifle. But I'll give it a try... Custom stockwork including pancake cheekpiece, ebony fore end with windows peak, fully pillar bedded, skeleton grip cap. Custom steel floor plate with...
  7. Johan van der Walt

    Which .375 Rifle?

    Hi Everyone, I am looking to purchase a .375 and am considering either the CZ550 American or the Winchester M70 Safari Express. I'd like some views on these two rifles. I already own a 550 and am quite happy with it but the Winchester looks really nice as well. Any other suggestions are welcome.
  8. Bullthrower338

    For Sale 1974 Winchester M70 Super Grade 458 Win Mag

    1974 model 70 Super Grade with Williams peep installed. I bought this rifle from a gentleman that took it to Tanzania and killed a buff with it so it has been hunted and has a few character marks that came honestly. Hasn’t seen much use since it got back home. I’ve shot maybe a box of shells...
  9. Jager Waffen74

    For Sale Semi Custom Winchester 70 .375 H&H No Joke Rifle

    I have decided to sell my semi customized Winchester Model 70 Classic Stainless Safari Express chambered in .375 H&H. The rifle is like new, and only shot one Black Bear and range time. Gun is in 99.9% condition. Here is is the goodie list on the gun. Factory Winchester Model 70 Classic...
  10. Jager Waffen74

    For Sale Custom Model 70 By David Christman/ Swarovski .416 Remington Dangerous Game Rifle

    I am selling my custom built Winchester Pre-64 type Model 70 Dangerous Game Rifle by David Christman chambered in .416 Rem. It carries a Swarovski Dangerous Game scope 1.25-4x24mm 1st focal plane. This rifle has never seen the bush, and is in 97%-99% condition. Less than 50 rnds through the...