1. Bullet Safaris

    Anything Africa - Nathan Askew - Bullet Safaris - Zoom Safari

  2. Bullet Safaris

    Tanzania 2020 hunting season OPEN - season underway and extended

    Hello, just an update for yall interested in hunting Africa this year. This may be the year for you to act on your plans or wishes to hunt in what is considered the best hunting location in all of Africa! Or possibly a canceled hunt elsewhere has left your schedule open? Tanzania has had its...
  3. S

    Rifles and Singapore Airlines

    I have spent considerable amount of time trying to get an answer out of Singapore Airlines about their rules with a checked firearm and Singapore itself. The website states that a sporting rifle is acceptable, but when I call them a few reps have said a rifle used for hunting is not a...
  4. Philip Glass

    Sometimes If You Keep Crap Long Enough...

    As I was feverishly getting ready for my safari next week I found something unexpected. I was looking for some winter clothes as it will be cold in RSA where I am hunting. As I madly searched the attic I found my old gun case. It happens to be the hard side case I took with me in 1997 on my...
  5. Philip Glass

    My Favorite Gear From 4 Safaris

    I thought I would pass along my thoughts on my favorite gear from my four safaris in the last two years. I am not going to discuss what didn't work or what I don't personally like but just hit the high points and hope that it will benefit some folks as they head out on their adventures. 1...
  6. Erny

    In Route

    Well I am siting in a Hotel at DFW airport spending the night before my morning flight. I hate this part of the wait......always think your forgetting something. In a couple of days my feet will be on South African soil. Really looking foward to my Hunt with Leopards Valley Safaris in the...
  7. thi9elsp

    Mozambique Travel: Be Flexible!

    So, 74 days until Ann and I leave for our safari in Mozambique. First: About two months ago Manuel Corona of Majune Safaris was notified that a government official would be hunting his concession and of course, it would occur during our scheduled time. So, Manuel offered us two options: a)...
  8. Kalahari road

    Kalahari road

    This picture is taken on the game farm. It is a typical Kalahari farm nature scene. The Kalahari Desert, is situated in Namibia. It is made up of lots of Camelthorn Trees, small red sand dunes and patches of savanna grass fields. The wide open spaces of Namibia is breathtaking to me.