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    30 Animal Trophy & Cull Hunt Package 6 Species -1 Hunter US$7,000 & Two Hunters US$6,000

    8 Days hunting for the following 30 Plains Game Animals. All-Inclusive Hunting package 1 Hunter US$7,000 & Two Hunters US$6,000 4 Kudu Bulls (All Non-Trophy) 4 Impala Rams (1 Trophy Ram) 4 Mountain Reedbuck Rams (1 Trophy Ram) 10 Springbok Rams (1 Trophy Ram) 2 White Blesbok Rams (1...


    African hunting and photography is my passion, together with my wife Tanya and my son Henry jnr we want to share our vision of Africa with you.


    MORETLA SAFARIS is owner managed with skilled professional hunters, trackers and staff who will guide clients onto magnificent trophies. We boast several spectacular trophies such as buffalo, sable, kudu and eland to name but a few. Hunting is conducted on various concessions on free roaming...


  5. KMG Hunting Safaris

    Once In A Lifetime Pictures

    Once in a lifetime photos....Post them here! A few years ago, we had a hunter in camp on a plains game hunt. He managed to snap this photo while both him and the PH was running away, after getting an unprovoked charge from a Rhino. The last photo was a simple coincidence of snapping the photo...
  6. Chris M.

    NAMIBIA: Etosha View Hunting Review 2018 & 2019

    With the recent 2020 SCI-sponsored, Calgary International Hunting Expo and with my son and I leaving for two weeks of hunting in South Africa in two days time, hunting in Africa is foremost on my mind. Before the new adventures begin, however, I thought it would be prudent to look back on...

    Plains Game Hunting With Bayly Sippel Safaris

    Good day AH community, Please find below some of our current plains game hunts on offer! If you are looking for some seriously high quality hunting please feel free to contact us as we would love to hear from you and help get you one step closer to that first South African beer around a...
  8. Martin Rodriguez

    ZIMBABWE: Zimbabwe Elephant Hunt

    Hope you like the video of our trip to zimbabwe, we had a great time.
  9. Sol Griffith

    SOUTH AFRICA: A Dream Come True, A First-Timer In Africa

    African Plains Game Hunt near Grahamstown, South Africa October 23 to November 2 Outfitter/PH: Nick Bowker My name is Sol Griffith and I run Diamond Z Outdoors. We are a small (but growing) organization dedicated to wildlife conservation, promoting fair-chase hunting, preservation and...

    Wilderness Hunting With Rance Safaris In South Africa

    Welcome To Rance Safaris The Rance family has been hunting Southern Africa for generations. We own and manage the 14’262 acre Kei River Reserve in the Kei River valley and 6’860 acre Cloudlands Game Reserve in the Fish River valley, both located in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa...
  11. NurseFet

    Best rifle for women

    I have officially caught the hunting bug from my husband and his family. It’s about time I admitted it to myself, after all. I am looking to get my own hunting rifle so I’m not having to share my husband’s 30-.06 on hunts. Any advice on which gun manufacturers make plains game caliber rifles...
  12. KMG Hunting Safaris

    Kudu, Bushbuck, Nyala & Waterbuck Hunt 2019/2020

    We are pleased to announce that we have secured some new hunting areas that will be used as a secondary base camp. We simply felt that in order to get better, and consistently offer better quality on our animals, we simply had to expand our horizons. The package includes 7 full days of hunting...
  13. M

    NAMIBIA: My 2018 Free Range Namibian Plains Game Safari With Orpa Hunting Safaris

    I checked out and cross-reference a number of Namibian Outfitters. I was on my first African Safari and wanted to be in Northern Namibia so I could hunt Gemsbok, Greater Kudu, and a Mountain Zebra. Also if the hunting safari went well I wanted to take a tourist trip to Skeleton Coast for...
  14. KMG Hunting Safaris

    Collector Hunting Package 2018

    We have put together a small hunting package for some of the more challenging animals that hunters often miss out on. This promises to be a fun filled hunt for some of the collector's animals highly sought after by hunters. Outfitter: Marius Goosen T/A KMG Hunting Safaris Outfitter number: HC...
  15. V

    SOUTH AFRICA: Karoo Wild Safaris Hunt June 2017

    We were privileged to welcome Hadrian and Barbara from Austria to South Africa on their first plains game safari to Africa. Austria has a strong hunting tradition and we hoped that Hadrian and Barbara would have an excellent hunt with us in the Karoo. We set out initially to hunt a few...