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    Thank you for taking the time to be introduced to PANTHER TRACKERS authentic leopard hunting safari. Having hunted most of the traditional Southern African leopard safari countries for the past two decades, we can say without reservation that across all the criteria, what we offer is the most...
  2. Zambia - Luangwa valley 2023 leopard

    Zambia - Luangwa valley 2023 leopard

    Leopard hunt in luangwa valley
  3. Zambia - Luangwa valley 2023 leopard

    Zambia - Luangwa valley 2023 leopard

    Leopard hunt in luangwa valley
  4. Zambia - Luangwa valley 2023 leopard

    Zambia - Luangwa valley 2023 leopard

    Leopard hunt in Luangwa valley
  5. Leopard Blind Namibia

    Leopard Blind Namibia

    Leopard Blind Namibia with Eureka Hunting Safaris
  6. Leopard Hunting, Kwalata Safaris

    Leopard Hunting, Kwalata Safaris

    Leopard Hunting, Niassa Special Reserve, Kwalata Safaris
  7. Leopard Kwalata Safaris

    Leopard Kwalata Safaris

    Leopard hunting, Niassa Special Reserve, Block L9, Kwalata Safaris
  8. Leopard 2022

    Leopard 2022

  9. Leopard


    Hunted with Bullet Safaris
  10. Ammunition Belt

    Ammunition Belt

    Bullet Safaris In the blind, ready and waiting
  11. IMG_20201117_071725_174.jpg


    A covid leopard... 2020 what a deal!
  12. Leopard Hunt Tanzania

    Leopard Hunt Tanzania

    Bullet Safaris - Another leopard in the Salt!
  13. Bullet Safaris

    Leopard Behavior - Maybe Not So Solitary...

    A Chess match with teeth... thats what a leopard hunt is to me. I love it, cat hunting is one of my favorite activities. I have scouted, placed and hung over 1,000 leopard baits. I have seen a lot of cats in person and I get the pleasure of monitoring and hunting many of them each season...
  14. Leopard Rug

    Leopard Rug

    Leopard Rug in the Finishing Department.
  15. Leopard Rug

    Leopard Rug

    Leopard Rug in the Finishing Department.


    We here at LIAM URRY SAFARIS offer you AFRICA the way it should be with carefully selected areas and lodges, specifically designed to give you the best Hunting Safari possible! From the minute you arrive to your trophy being hung in the trophy room, we will be there every step of the way...
  17. Leopard Close

    Leopard Close

    We finish the hunt -- with a 90-day turnaround.
  18. Leopard Fight

    Leopard Fight

    To create true works of art the likes of which the taxidermy industry has never seen, Animal Artistry owner Mike Boyce relies on the following:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ - His understanding of design principles⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ - His first-hand experience with animals from around the world⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ - His...
  19. Bullet Safaris

    Leopard Hunt - Bullet Safaris, PH Nathan Askew

  20. Bullet Safaris

    Leopard hunt with Bullet Safaris - close up cat footage

    we use trail cameras extensively for scouting - all phases of scouting. Then for assessing age and trophy quality. Then we use them to time the cat we want... After that I tend to play around with the cameras to get interesting footage like this!
  21. J

    Greeting from Mexico!

    Hi to everyone. Have done a plains game in Namibia but now looking for the serious stuff. Interested mainly in the cats: Lion, Leopard. Looking for open free open range options like Zambia, Zimbabwe.. Any recommendations?

    Leopard Trailcam Pictures - JKO Hunting Safaris

    A thread to show you guys what we have on bait through out the season and also when we hunt leopard... These first pictures are the activity we have on baits now and were all in Namibia, our partner that we work with in Namibia is already pre-baiting for a safari in April.
  23. Buckdog

    Oh where oh where can I find MR. SPOTS????

    Hey guys I want a leopard!! So I need the help and advice of all of you good folks out there that have hunted leopards or know someone who has. I just want a mature tom, don't need a huge one. The number one important thing to me will be which country, area and PH has the highest success rate...
  24. Bullet Safaris

    Hunt Until You Get Your Leopard... Tanzania

    ok team - we had another exceptional year with all of our hunts...but the cat hunts we continue to led the industry in. So if you want a cat here is the special for you, it's not the cheapest but I can assure you it is the best. hunt until you get your leopard (up to 21 days). hunt: buffalo...

    Great Hunting Opportunity For Very Good Trophy Elephant, Buffalo &/Or Leopard In Park Area

    Hi all I just had a cancellation on a hunt that was supposed to start 17th of July, for a trophy elephant, leopard and buffalo in Bwabwata National Park in the Caprivi of Namibia. (Hunter’s age was not communicated to us by booking agent or father, and MET thus refused to issue a hunting permit...