1. BeeMaa

    SCI or DSC Convention Poll

    My wife and I have been to a few conventions but none as large as the DSC or SCI. Wanted to see where you guys and gals go and just as important, why?
  2. MAdcox

    Starting a Dallas Safari Club DSC chapter in Oklahoma

    15 DSC members from all over the state and DSC's Kim Rappleye met June 20th, 2018 and started the groundwork to begin an Oklahoma chapter of DSC. We have scheduled a follow up meeting next Thursday, June 28th, 2018 at 7PM at H&H Shooting Sports in OKC to continue the process with selecting...
  3. Kowas Adventure Safaris

    Dallas Safari Club (DSC) 2018 EXPERIENCE and THOUGHTS

    If you have attended the 2018 DSC show, feedback from all (exhibitors / attendees) would be interesting: Mention: - 1. First time attendees to DSC 2. Return attendees to DSC 3. Seminars 4. Comparison to previous DSC or other shows 5. General DSC experience WHAT WAS: a) impressing b)...
  4. Kowas Adventure Safaris

    Kowas Hunting Safaris - 2018 Show Schedule

    We are proud to announce the show schedule for 2018. We invite you to visit us to talk SAFARI to Namibia, Africa. We are looking forward meeting you. Dallas Safari Club, booth no 2500 : January, 4 – 7, 2018 ISE Expo, booth no 2719, Denver, Colorado: January 11 – 14, 2018...
  5. Kowas Adventure Safaris

    Conventions: DSC / SCI - as attendee: which one and why?

    As an attendee, WHICH of the following hunting shows / conventions do you prefer to attend and WHY? DSC (Dallas Safari Club) or SCI (Safari Club International) If not applicable to the above two, which shows do you prefer to attend and why?