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  1. Buffalo Hunting South Africa

    Buffalo Hunting South Africa

  2. Bearhunter46

    Free range buffalo

    Hello all, planning on doing a free range buffalo hunt. I don’t really care what country it is in. Please post pictures of your buffalo taken, with what outfitter and weapon used. I’ll be using a Winchester model 70 375 h&h!
  3. Dane

    SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: Archery Buffalo Hunt With Ken Moody Safaris

    2021 was a unique year in the span of my 37 year lifetime. The whole world was rebounding from the effects of a global pandemic, COVID-19, which incidentally caused us to move this buffalo safari with Ken Moody Safaris from the year 2020 to 2021. Rob Grainger, Drake Heller and I originally set...
  4. Buffalo Hunt Tanzania

    Buffalo Hunt Tanzania

    Bullet Safaris - Dangerous Game. Buffalo results on a resent wilderness adventure in TZ
  5. South Africa Buffalo 2021

    South Africa Buffalo 2021

  6. 2021 South Africa Buffalo

    2021 South Africa Buffalo

  7. Cape Buffalo Double Pedestal Mount

    Cape Buffalo Double Pedestal Mount

    The double pedestal mount is a fantastic art design that creates a beautiful interaction between your two trophies. Its vertical height leaves a small footprint and will not eat up much of your room. Move it where you like throughout your house and enjoy a complete, 360 degree view of your trophy.
  8. Bullet Safaris

    Silence in The Selous

    It was silent and the sun was setting. The truck was quiet as my crew was exhausted. We had been out all day and we had tracked buffalo without getting a shot. The Selous didnt disappoint, proviing us an excellent #safari day. We saw many species from #hippo to #elephant . But the buffalo just...
  9. Bullet Safaris

    Buffalo Hunt Tanzania 2020

    $20,000 10 hunting days 1 buffalo trophy fee classic adventure / license / gun permit / meet and greet / daily rate / meals / cold beer / wilderness camp with a butler / trophy fee / excellent area / experienced PH... Its All Here and Included except for travel, other trophy fees, tips, trophy...

    Buffalo Cull Hunt With Tallyho Hunting Safaris 2021

    ALL INCLUSIVE $9 000- Package Includes: - 2 Buffalo cows - 2 zebra (male or female) - 2 blue wildebeest (not trophy size, male or female) - 1 Day outing to Mapungubwe National Park-optional - All meals and drinks (incl. Local Beer and Wine and spirits) - Accommodation for 7/8 nights, 6/7 full...
  11. Old Cape Buffalo Mount

    Old Cape Buffalo Mount

    Cape Buffalo shot using a 416 Weatherby Magnum and 400gr solid in 1998 Zambezi valley
  12. Cape Buffalo Zambezi Valley 1998

    Cape Buffalo Zambezi Valley 1998

    Cape Buffalo was taken by John Torcasio using a 416 Weatherby Magnum and 410gn Woodleigh solid bullet at 2700fps one shot kill ( heart lungs ) in 1998 Zambezi Valley Zimbabwe Africa. This Cape Buffalo was estimated to be about 20 years old.
  13. Bullet Safaris

    Tanzania Buffalo Hunt 2019 Only

    We have a true cancelation doesnt happen often with us but this client has lost more than a little and it will go directly to your hunt. Area - Rungwa Game Reserve, Tanzania Date - August 13 to 22, 2019 Cost - 15,700 (10day hunt, lic, hunting permit, gun import, taxes, airport pick...
  14. G

    Need help with dates for Buffalo Hunt

    We are planning our third trip to Africa in 2019, we currently have dates locked down in the first of August and but have the possibility of moving them to the end of May and first of June. Any one have experience hunting buffalo in early June, flight cost is almost half of what it would be in...
  15. Zimbabwe Buffalo

    Zimbabwe Buffalo

    2016 Zimbabwe. Mokore Safaris. Thanks Gary and Doug! Game Trail Taxidermy (USA) Address: 6280 County Line Rd, Mt Pleasant, NC 28124 Phone: (704) 782-4497
  16. H

    ZAMBIA: Leopard - 3rd Time A Charm?

    Well, made a late season dash to Zambia to try for leopard one more time for 2017. Earlier this year, I had two trips to Zimbabwe in order to try to catch up with Mr. Spots and was unsuccessful. Luckily my wife and children obliged and set off for Zambia to hunt with Alister Norton, Makasa...
  17. KMG Hunting Safaris

    Cape Buffalo Package Hunt 2018

    Gentlemen, We are open for 2018 plains game and dangerous game bookings. I am offering three of these Cape Buffalo packages for 2018. You will be hunting self-sustaining herds on 7500 acres. This is a proper hunt and by no means a shoot. You can expect a hard bossed bull of between 36-40" The...
  18. A

    Zambia Buffalo Hunt 2017

    Hi, Wanted to hunt a Cape Buffalo in luangwa Zambia, looking for a good outfitter. Can someone suggest an outfitter in luangwa. Thank you

    NAMIBIA: Ndumo Hunting Safaris Highlights 2016

    Hi all I have a few days off, sitting in a nice air-conditioned room, and sorting out my brochures for the 2017 show season. In the process I had to sort through this year's photos, to pick which ones makes it to the brochure, banner and upgraded website (should launch 1 December 2016). This...
  20. Dfield

    Lessons Learned African Animals Are TOUGH

    This was my first African trip and I was hunting with Mokore Safaris. I chose Mokore Safaris after meeting PH Gary Duckworth at Dallas Safari Club a few years ago. I kept in touch with Gary over the years prior to my trip via email and I would have to say that he was one of the most...
  21. P

    Buffalo Charge

    Hi everyone, I thought I would share this clip with you. I am sure you will all enjoy it. I filmed this buffalo hunt not to long ago with Peter Tam from Tam Safaris, bull was wounded and we followed up. This is what unfolded, could you make the shot count? What has been your most "hairy" moment...
  22. KMG Hunting Safaris

    Buffalo & Hippo Combo Hunt $15K

    We are offering the following combo package as an add on to the Cape Buffalo hunt we advertised earlier in the month. One of these has already been sold, therefor we can still offer two of these. Outfitter: Marius Goosen T/A KMG Hunting Safaris Outfitter number: HC 04/2013 EC PH Number: PH...
  23. Bullet Safaris

    Two Buffalo Hunt / Why Not Shoot Two? Its a Long Plane Ride!

    Wilderness area, free range, on foot, nose to nose Buffalo Hunt. This is a great hunt for a first time Dangerous Game client or an experience African Hunter. Large concessions and multiple areas to choose from depending on the other species you would like to take. Duration - 10 days Cost of...
  24. filmmaker

    Free range Cape Buffalo hunt

    Hi everyone. Haven't posted for a long time now, .... too busy filming hunts. Here's a buff hunt that I really enjoyed, filmed with Jonie du Randt of Omni Hunting Safaris in South Africa. Enjoy :)