Used them several times. Awesome service. foolish not to use for import and transit when youve faced the various admin bs and local graft. Henry Anna and all their staff will make sure that you dont get hometowned with the open palm express prevelant at O.R. Tambo.
I have used Rifle Permits in 2017 and 2018. I plan to use their services on my next trip in 2021.

Rifle Permits makes it easy and one less think to worry about by making sure your SAPS Form 520 is properly filled out, pre approved, and you won't have any problems or delays getting through customs with your firearms.
I have used them in 2015. We used their VIP service and it was fantastic. We cleared customs before our baggage made it to the carousel and we’re in and out of SAPS in about 5 min. Going back they again met us and helped us get everything home. Absolutely fantastic service and would recommend them to anyone going to RSA and bringing a rifle. I can’t say enough good things about them!
I have used them several times and the service has been excellent.

The last time was an emergency permit approval while I was in flight from Dallas to Mos via JNB. My luggage, including my rifle; was supposed to be checked by Emirates through to Tete but when I arrived at the terminal in Dallas Emirates informed me I would have to claim the rifle at JNB and recheck it to Tete during a less than 4 hour layover. Obviously I did not have a firearms import permit for SA and claiming luggage, obtaining a SA firearms permit, and rechecking the luggage on a 4 hour layover was going to be a problem. As we were pushing back from the gateway in Dallas I reached my outfitters office and asked them to get in contact with Henry to see if they could help. With a combination of the information Henry had from previous trips and the outfitter Henry was waiting for me in the entrance hall with all the paperwork filled out and awaiting my review and signature. 15 minutes later I had my permit and had checked in for my flight to Tete. This is why I use an experienced and trusted import permit service.

Interesting, on the way back my luggage was checked through from Tete to Dallas even though I was spending the night in Jburg.
Henry and his entire staff have assisted me on numerous occasions and I can’t say enough good things about them. You are wasting 1 to 3 hours of your life and precious time in Africa if you don’t use them.
I’ve used them twice without a hitch. I believe their pricing is on line, at least whenever I used them it was. There are a lot of crummy operators in SA from PH’s to taxidermy. Henry’s is not one of them. I would and plan to use them again in 22.
ifle Permits took exceptional care of me when I used them. I will absolutely use them on my next trip over again.
I have used Riflepermits in 2018 and 2019 along with there meet and greet. Breezed thru customs and they took care of luggage. Will definitely use them for every trip.
Ive used RiflePermits on the last 3 of my 4 trips to RSA. Very helpful and prices matched everyone elses.
Used Henry's people in 2017, was well worth the money. If I ever go back to South Africa will use him again. Money well spent.
I used Henry when I went to SA 7 yrs ago.. the service was awesome.. would do it again & the price was reasonable.
Have been using for the last 2 years. Only positive feedback from my guests.
Excellent service.
Have used twice, on both trips to South Africa. Only had one issue after I arrived in camp. We were able to fix it by phone with Henry. Will use them again if I carry a rifle.
Henry and his team deliver exactly what they promise. Fees are reasonable for the services provided. What Riflepermits provides is a highly professional service that takes all the worry out of traveling with your rifles. Also the VIP meet and greet is well worth the extra.
Great service, would use again!
Excellent professional service. Will use again