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  • Sparky I am hunting with KMG in May and it will be my second hunt in Africa but my first with KMG. After some pretty extensive research I can say this without any doubt that Marius is really good at communication very prompt and will help every step of the way. My first trip to Namibia was good but the outfitter was not even close when it came to all the pre hunt business.
    Thanks gangsta. It is good to hear from those who have been. Lots of opinion out there from many outfitters and hunters alike , but until you have been and seen , as you have, it is not simple to short the wheat from the chaf. Sparky
    My email address is gsparshu@wajax.com. I would love to hear about your previous experience and certainly discuss your KMG trip . Have a great hunt Sparky
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NTH wrote on JimT's profile.
Hey Jim, I read that you’re from Dequincey and just returned from Africa. I’m from Lake Charles and went there in April. What outfitter did you use and would you share your experience and pics? I won our trip to Kuche through DU.
gprippers wrote on SAFARIKIDD's profile.
Hello! Nice rifle! I have IDENTICAL rifle in 375 H&H so i was wondering what gunsmith did the work on it? Appreciate it and if you decide there is anything you are willing to take in partial trade, let me know. I have quite a few pistols, long guns and sxs & o/u shotguns as well.

Let me know if you are looking for anything in particular.

Bearhunter46 wrote on Philip Glass's profile.
Philip, do you still have the 416 for sale?
NTH wrote on Rick HOlbert's profile.
Nice “meeting” you Rick. I made my first trip to S. Africa this year through Kuche Safaris. We had an incredible time. What outfitter do you use? Neal
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