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    Father & Son Hunt with CMS - Leopard, Crocodile & Sable

    He had a DJI Phantom 4 drone. He learned to fly it while we were there - and it didn't take long for him to master it. By the last day he was doing launches and recoveries from a pontoon boat in the middle of the Zambezi.
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    Father & Son Hunt with CMS - Leopard, Crocodile & Sable

    Provided I did the link correctly, this is the video highlights from our 2016 safari in Zimbabwe with Charlton and McCallum Safaris - Dande Concession - Ward 1. Unusual combination of targeted animals, but we lacked leopard and croc, as a family, to complete the Dangerous 7. Since sable roam...
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    Safari Gear Clothing

    Couldn't agree more ... great shirt, but the RH only? Have to look elsewhere ....
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    4457 changes this past week

    Maybe others have had issues coming back with cameras, electronics, optics, etc. but I've never once been asked to provide proof of ownership (as in I was in possession of it prior to leaving the US). I've been traveling internationally for 2 decades now - business and pleasure - and the only...
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    2 rifle combo

    There's not enough difference between the .270 and .300 to warrant taking both. Pick the one you're most comfortable with and carry it. Either one will cleanly take anything through Kudu. Barnes TSX bullets are great based on my experience. For the game you've suggested, so are a host of...
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    What is next after .375 in bolt action Rifle?

    If you're going to exclude doubles, why bother looking beyond the .375 H&H? If doubles truly are off the table for you and you must move beyond the .375, the .416 is a wonderful combination of SD, momentum and effective range.
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    Lefty Shooting a Double Rifle

    If you're going to order a double, then order a LH built to your dimensions with the triggers set for a LH shooter. If you're looking to buy a used one, either have plenty of patience and be prepared to act quickly when you see what you want, or go the RH route and modify if needed. I'm RH...
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    .338 Win mag

    The 225 grain TSX is my favorite. Keep looking!
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    In memoriam - Ian Gibson of Chifuti Safaris Passes Away

    As Craig Boddington said "The PH fraternity is a lesser place without him". Sad day indeed.
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    US Fish and Game extend Elephant ban into 2015 for Zimbabwe

    “United States citizens make up a disproportionately large share of foreign hunters who book trophy hunts in Africa,” said Service Director Dan Ashe. “That gives us a powerful tool to support countries that are managing wildlife populations in a sustainable manner and incentivize others to...
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    Left Handed 416 Wanted

    Since posting pics on PMs seems to be difficult, here are a few more photos ....
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    Left Handed 416 Wanted

    Well, if you were in the US I'd offer my LH .416 Rem mag shown below (Brown Precision built on a Win Model 70 action). Picked this up as a back up when my first double started letting me down. Took my first ele with it, but then found a LH Heym double and have used it since. This one is...
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    B. Searcy 500/416 NE

    Who's been in possession of the rifle longer, you or Butch? Cut your losses and find another. Been there, done that ....
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    Courteney Selous Boots Mens 10-1/2" UK 11 US

    I purchased these for Africa (elephant hunting), and put around 40 miles on them. Well built and the tyre tread is surprisingly quiet, but I have a condition which causes very pronounced arches and toes that curl (making the first knuckle high). Had to go back to Keens and their arch support...