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  • Thanks for the heads up on the .416 Barnes bullets...ordered 5 bags of 50 bullets and also 6 bags of .509s, also Barnes. What a great deal.
    Yep it's a great deal. I got some 458 Barnes triple shocks from them for $22 per hundred. I probably won't need to ever buy bigbore bullets again.
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20 day hunt in May 2022 with Zana Botes hard part now starting the wait
Better a fool on his own than a wise man at someone else's discretion
... F. Nietzsche
perry madl wrote on Ignatius of Antioch's profile.
Is your double still available?
I am interested in Safari Animal Paintings
Sugar4646 wrote on Warpig602's profile.
Hey boss wanted to inquire about the .308 rifle you have for sell can you send me payment information. I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you.