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  • I have my Texan Air Force 50 cal airgun and my Umarex air saber all dialed in and ready to go. We fly out on the 14th for a airgun adventure in South Africa. Airguns vs dangerous game! I can’t wait, this trip has been interrupted by covid 19 for more than a year. No longer !
    2 1/2 months until I'm stalking black death! My first Buffalo hunt, can't wait!
    The days are not going fast enough, aug 2017 buffalo is going to hit the dirt!
    I'm looking at building a big bore rifle for a buffalo hunt, give me your advice on best caliber please and thank you
    Kind of hitting the post Africa first time trip let down because I know it will most likely be two yrs before I go back for buffalo.
    Just completed my dream hunt in South Africa with Motshwere Safari, Trip of a lifetime!
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SkullKeeper wrote on neckdeep's profile.
Hey there - wondering if you have or know where I can get 416 Rigby die set and/or new brass ?
geoff rath wrote on sambarhunter's profile.
Sorry, tried to call you back, the private number caught me out, and I was driving when you rang.
Swim wrote on Bullthrower338's profile.
Hello Sir., is that deal to good to be true? Thoughts??
Tam Dl wrote on xausa's profile.
I have been looking at an option for a 505, that doesn't break the bank (that concern my have to yield), and is more in the 50-110, or 50 Alaskan range. However not easy to find a case, other than the Weatherby, of course. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Tam Dl wrote on xausa's profile.
Hello, do you have any information on your 505 SRE cartridge. Up here in Canada, there is talk about how the various 500s may exceed the 10 000 Joule limit recently imposed. Not that they do on paper, but you never know what they may infer or claim.