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  • Hi Cal! Thanks for the response. Email is [redacted] or you could text me [redacted]
    Hi @Midas8000, Your private information was removed from your post for privacy reasons. If you want to provide someone your personal information please do so in the Conversation/Private Message (PM) system, thank you.
    As per our posting guidelines:
    It is not okay to post your own personal information or post links to your personal information, including but not limited to email addresses, telephone numbers, mailing addresses or identification numbers. If you want to provide someone else your personal information please do so in the Conversation/Private Message (PM) system.
    I'm very sorry. I thought about that when I posted it and went against my better judgment. Thank you for providing an excellent site.
    Are you interested in Barnes bullets for 50-110? Just posted some for sale in classifieds
    I hate to bother you....I own 2 of your books including British bore rifle. I was hoping you might have more 10 bore loads. For the heavier and later rifles. Any help would be appreciated.
    Cal, is your James Watts book still available? I had my first .450 Watts back in 1972 and took it with me to Kenya in 1974. It always infuriates me to see the ".458 Lott" referred to, when all Lott did was shorten the case of the Watts slightly and attach his name to it, as if he were the originator.

    Bill Warren
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Because of some clients having to move their dates I have 2 prime time slots open if anyone is interested to do a hunt
5-15 May
or 5-15 June is open!
shoot me a message for a good deal!
dogcat1 wrote on skydiver386's profile.
I would be interested in it if you pass. Please send me the info on the gun shop if you do not buy it. I have the needed ammo and brass.
Francois R wrote on Lance Hopper's profile.
Hi Lance hope you well. The 10.75 x 68 did you purchase it in the end ? if so are you prepared to part with it ? rgs Francois