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  • Are you interested in Barnes bullets for 50-110? Just posted some for sale in classifieds
    I hate to bother you....I own 2 of your books including British bore rifle. I was hoping you might have more 10 bore loads. For the heavier and later rifles. Any help would be appreciated.
    Cal, is your James Watts book still available? I had my first .450 Watts back in 1972 and took it with me to Kenya in 1974. It always infuriates me to see the ".458 Lott" referred to, when all Lott did was shorten the case of the Watts slightly and attach his name to it, as if he were the originator.

    Bill Warren
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trstallone wrote on HUNTROMANIA's profile.
I've Hunted So.Africa, love to try Romania
Clifford Johnson wrote on Mark A Ouellette's profile.
Mark, How did your hunt go with Wayne in Zimbabwe?
Spartan2473 wrote on tnshooter's profile.
Hey buddy,
Have a great hunt in West TN. Looking forward to planning this next safari with you.

we’ll talk soon!
Hello thanks for acceptance to the group, I live on baffin island. Anyone ever hunt in the Arctic?