Zambia - ZAWA Contributes K20 Billion in Last Eight Years

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    Zambia - ZAWA Contributes K20 Billion in Last Eight Years

    THE Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) has in the past eight years contributed more than K20 billion towards the rural developmental projects as an incentive for co-managing the wildlife in the country.

    And Tourism Permanent Secretary Teddy Kasonso has hailed the World Bank and the Royal Norwegian Embassy for their continued support towards the development of the Kafue National Park.

    ZAWA director general Lewis Saiwana said more than K20 billion which is also part of the institution's social responsibility had been administered to communities bearing the direct costs of sharing the land with wildlife.

    Dr Saiwana said during the pass out parade of 77 ZAWA police officers in Kafue National Park on Saturday in Mumbwa that game management areas (GMAs) were important sources of revenue financing conservation programmes.

    Among the projects that the money has covered is road infrastructure, schools and clinic among the communities that have been in conflict with animals in GMAs.

    He said the game management areas could finance community development projects through the proceeds realised from consumptive and non-consumptive tourism activities.

    "You may wish to know that between 2001 and 2008 ZAWA has provided more than K20 billion to local communities for the various rural development projects as an incentive for co-managing wildlife," he said.

    Dr Saiwana, however, noted that continued encroachment of people in GMAs had escalated cases of animal-human conflict in Zambia.

    It was disheartening to note that despite the conservation efforts and support from the Government and cooperating partners, the country's wildlife had come under renewed risk of extermination through poaching and other activities.

    And Mr Kasonso said the continued support by the World Bank and the Royal Norwegian Embassy towards the Kafue National Park was in the Government's recognition of the public private partnership.

    "I would like to commend our cooperating partners particularly World Bank and the Royal Norwegian Government for their invaluable contribution towards conservation efforts in this country," he said.

    He expressed hope that the national park would sustain its operations when the donor support would be phased out in 2011.

    Mr Kasonso said the graduation of the officers would help to conserve the country's wildlife and challenged the graduating officers to discharge their duties with utmost dedication, diligence and honesty.

    He said the Government had exhibited political will in the fight against corruption and expected its institutions to follow the path in discarding the vice.

    The ceremony, which was also attended by Mumbwa District Commissioner, Dowell Chilimboyi, was characterised by traditional performances and field demonstrations by the graduating officers.

    Source: Times Of Zambia

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