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Jan 7, 2014
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while its not likely ill do any long range business with this gun, i dont like being limited by my optics. in my experience when you have optics that limit your shooting to either long or close range, you seem to find your self needing those shots.

a good example is with my 7x57 i put a 3.5-10x40 on it thinking i wouldnt be using it under 25 yards and would likely have to make a 200+ yard shot. a few months later i found myself shooting a deer at 4 (four) yards. you know what a deer looks like at 4 yards threw a 3.5 power scope... a wall of fur. now i hunt deer with a 2-7x33 which i love!

with my luck id put a zero magnification optic on the 505 Gibbs then stumble across the perfect buffalo at 100 yards and not be able to get any closer without spooking the herd. while im sure i can still make this shot i would greatly prefer to have some magnification.



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Aug 23, 2012
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Matt, I had a lunch with my PH that I am hopefully hunting Buff with next year .

He advised me to take both my scoped 416 Rigby as well as my .470NE , as one of the trackers can carry the second rifle.

my point however is that he commented that there are times that an exceptional buff can be amongst the herd and he would not advise an open sighted shot , he would feel more comfortable making the shot with a scoped rifle.

Should the oppurtunity present itself for a close shot with the non-scoped 470NE then the tracker could pass the second rifle to me.

so I fully agree with you scoping the 505, my 416 Rigby has the same scope.

Now I just have to confirm the hunt and get my head around the fact that a tracker will be carrying my double around Africa for 10 days . :cry:

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