Your 3 favorite hunting cartridges of all time

.300 & .340 Weatherby(s) TIE
.375 H&H
22 LR
30 06
12 gauge
Add 50 caliber muzzleloader, since that doesn't use a cartridge
I've killed more game in terms of numbers of animals with any one of those four, than with all of the other cartridges I've hunted with combined. With the exception of the muzzleloader, I've probably fired more rounds at targets with them as well.
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.300 winmag

.375 H&H

That’s what I’m thinking, I’m trying to settle on what I need. i don’t own the .375H&H yet.
Coupled with my .223 those 4 cover the bases I think.
This topic is so that when the government says you can only have three, that you'll be prepared to pick three and turn in all the others?
This topic is so that when the government says you can only have three, that you'll be prepared to pick three and turn in all the others?
No the post asked us to name 3 favourite Huntimg Rifles of all time. I named 3. These would maybe cover all the bases for Hunting and while i dont have a .375H&H these 3 should do it all.
Im keeping my rimfires and .223 for not hunting purposes. Rabbits, varminting. Spotlighting. Practice and targets.
What goverment is going to reduce me to 3? Im moving.
And i will throw my fishing poles in with that tragic accident as if they see the dust on them they will know i wasnt near the water lately.
For me it'd would be:

223 Remington
30/06 Spr
458 Win Mag

- and then I'd cache my Beretta o/u 12g in a safe hidey-hole somewhere!! ;)
Hard to only list three. For big game, mine would be:
.338 Win Mag
.458 Lott

If only 3 for everything:
.458 Lott
Tough, so many choices.

.375 H&H

Muzzleloaders aren’t cartridges so also my .50 :)
I have to add to mine. I picked up a left hand 9.3x62 a while back and it is quickly becoming a favorite!
The 375 WBy thread got me thinking of my favorite hunting cartridges off all time.

Here are mine:

22 LR
9.3x62 (followed close my a 375 wby--less bark with the 9.3)
450/400 3" (really it was the gun it was in--but was a sweet shooting as they come)

ALL Hunting: .22-250, .270 Win., .338 Win., .375 h & h, and maybe .458 Win. or .416 Rem. Still undecided on the latter two, because I don't own either caliber and still deciding on a buffalo gun?
I enjoy these:

.280 Rem
.338 Win Mag*

*I sold my .338 WM and am having a 338-06 built. I still get the use of .338 bullets but without the belt and the punishment. :)
I put a Pachmyer ? Decelerator recoil pad on my Browning A Bolt .338 and the recoil is like my .270 Win., or close? FYI.
1) .375 Holland and Holland Magnum ( my only current rifle is a pre War .375 H&H Magnum Winchester Model 70 with a 24 inch thick barrel . I have used it to take everything from the smallest deer to the largest Brown bear with it . Does 3 inch groupings at 100 yards but has never let me down on game . Hope to take an African Cape Buffalo with it next year )
2) .22 Savage Hi- Power ( Used to own a Savage Model 99 in this Caliber 7 years ago . Back then , it was legal to take Deer in Maine with a .22 Centre fire and l took over 14 deer with it using neck shots . It's a tack driver in terms of accuracy and makes a lovely varmint rifle too )
3) .500 Jeffery ( Don't own a rifle in this Caliber yet , but fired one at a friend's ranch once and fell in love with it . My dream gun to own )
If l could add a shotgun Calibre to this list , it would be the 10 gauge 3.5 Inch shell in my Browning Semi Automatic shotgun
270 Win
300 RUM
416 Rigby

I hand load for all three; a very enjoyable hobby all these years! It hasn't saved me much money, but I shoot a lot. The 300 and 270 have taken numerous animals. Hopefully, the Rigby will be seeing action in a few months!

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