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Jan 8, 2013
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@Aussie_Hunter @Bob Nelson 35Whelen

Appreciate everyone who took the time to weigh in.

The results that Aussie_Hunter posted triggered a memory, and so I went digging for files and I went back through one of my old PCs looking for the results of a massive 6.5 bullet test that was done years and years ago on a Canadian forum called CGN.

Managed to dig it up, and the PDF I had made as a way to "archive" it for myself (the copies that had been floating around on other forums like 24campfire have dead links).

So for anyone interested, I've uploaded it to anonymous file sharing site so people can view and download if they need.

I've also attached it here.

This is not my testing work and I am not intending to take any sort of credit for the time and effort involved, but I think it's too valuable a resource to keep just to myself and not share. I cleaned up this PDF so I'd always have a copy.

(Original author was a guy named "bcsteve" on CanadianGunNutz.com, but when it has been posted and reposted on publically accessible forums on the internet, I take kind of a public domain type stance on this)

Link is here if there are any that would prefer not to download a random PDF and would rather view in browser.


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bruce moulds

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Aug 10, 2018
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most interesting, thank you.
while interesting, the test does not tell the whole story.
for example, average retained weight can allow very different weight retention.
good bullets will retain all weights very close to average, while poor ones will have a great spread of weights.
some examples of poor ones that do no show.
the 85 gn sierra has been known not to reach the target at all in fast twists or at high speed.
the berger is very erratic terminally.
the nosler partition can blow off its nose, redirecting its angle of penetration.
plastic pointed bullets can be erratic when they hit something hard like bone.
they can also fail to expand at all of minimal resistance is met.
however you have to start somewhere, and have an open mind as you progress.

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