WANTED: Fall Black Bear Hunt

Thanks for the recommendations. Still looking at options.
Any input about spring verses fall hunts is appreciated also .
I personally think it's easier to kill a good bear in the spring rather than the fall as the days are so much longer in the spring. Here at home we can hunt til almost 10:00 PM in May but in Sept. it dark at 7:00 PM so it is much easier for a big bear to wait til dark to get a snack, the same for AM
Also the rut is going on and big boars cruise the baits looking for sows.
a lot less trimming of fat in the spring and think better eating
Wendells in WA state. Good bears and depending on timing awesome fishing
I'm a bit bias but most hunting in eastern Canada is done over bait ( not 100% sure) so just be aware of that point. I hunt the north end of Vancouver Island, BC , the Port McNeil area. I personally wont shoot any bear under about 400lbs. My longest hunt has been three days of driving cut blocks (logging blocks) spot and stock. My best day is spotting 18 bears. The population on the island is very healthy, most hunters in the area count them a pest there are so many (me included). the largest blacky taken on Vancouver Island went over 800lbs, that's pretty rare but there is no denying there are some very large bear due to the excellent habitat and mild winters . As a bonus there is excellent salmon and halibut fishing in the area as well. As I said I'm not a guide just a local area hunter.


ps: most fall bears are stinky because they get into the fish, you might consider a spring bear hunt much nicer weather
I just want to thank everyone for all the information and suggestions. We booked a hunt for September in Alberta spot and stalk. With bear paw outfitters in peace river . I will let everyone know how it turns out .
The Peace is pretty country, have a great hunt! look forward to the pictures.
You will love bear hunting. I have been on two. The first was a fall hunt in Ontario. I went with a couple of friends. I only saw one bear in the first six days of hunting while my friends both shot bears in the 250lb range. On the last day I shot a bear that scaled over 450lbs and easily measured P&Y.

My second trip was a spring hunt to Saskatchewan. I chose this because they have a good amount of color phase bears and after taking a big black one I was hoping for a color phase. I went with one of the friends from the first trip who really wanted a bigger bear.

On the very first day not an hour or two into the hunt my friend took a beautiful cinnamon bear. Not a large bear but very thick coat and nice color, just a great bear. On the fourth day after having not seen any color phase bear in my hunts I could not pass on a huge black bear that came in and was running other bears off the bait. He weighed 400lbs and the guide assured me that in the fall he would have scaled 500lbs or more. His skull was just shy of the B&C minimum.

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