Tsetse flies

What does the collective wisdom think of this theory ?
Yes, Tsetse flies bite me but my informal observation suggests to me that, given the choice of targets, they seem to gravitate moreso to others, rather than I. As in, for whatever reason, somehow I seem to be a secondary preference. And I think I notice the same for Mopane Bees.
Pondering this, other than being lighter framed and less meaty than most guys probably, I can't fathom why this should be the case. The only thing remotely plausible is perhaps related to the fact that I enjoy a mild level of chile in my cuisine that maybe is detecable by the bugs and acts as a deterrant.
What do you guys and girls think ? Plausible, or am I talking rubbish ? :E Head Scratch: :A Quiet:
IDK, but I'm certain I'm the opposite of you. After a touch of SE Asia malaria, I'm convinced the mosquito's support group on Facebook put out a pic of me with the tag line "Extra Yummy!".
Around a campfire, I'm literally the only one getting hits.
I was very lucky to do 3 weeks in Western Niassa. Endless tsetse all day every day. Any good insect repellent worked well. The skin so soft was not as effective, but it worked well on the mopanes.

Any spot that wasn't throughly covered in bug spray would be bitten. Once they found a spot they'd hammer it repeatedly and mercilessly. And they bit through any clothing that was one or two ply thick.

The trackers and game scouts took great pleasure in catching them, dismembering them, and then throwing them back onto the ground to die of starvation. Great stuff.
someone mentioned a map where they are, where can that be found ,otherwise where should I not go to avoid them. seems like they could ruin a good hunt. are they all season or just summer. Thanks
The map is interesting. I worked in northern Angola (Cabinda) for 5-1/2 years and Nigeria for 6 years and never encountered tsetse.
I wonder when that map was published?
What do you guys and girls think ? Plausible, or am I talking rubbish ?
I noticed that mosquitos bite me less, then the others in my immediate vicinity.
I also never met tse tse fly.
But mosquitos go other way from me.
So, it could be?!
Tsetse flies have to be experienced to be appreciated. None of the aforementioned critters are pleasant but the tsetse, having evolved to withstand and thrive in the environment of serous swats and thick, tough hide, probably find human prey easy pickins… almost recreational. :)
The only problem with tsetse flies is they land on their proboscis.......
These creatures, size for size, have probably had more of an effect in Africa than any other single bug or animal. Large swathes of the bush, fortunately, remained largely untouched because of them, and in the attempts to erradicate the tsetse large wild animal populations were culled. That didn't work either, so vacant areas remained to be designated as parks.
On our recent Zambezi valley trip in an open vehicle the pointless swashing and swatting began soon after the second Parks gate and by the time we got to camp the welts were up. The camp staff of course live there, the guides drive around every day, so what is their secret? Deet? Long pants and veils?
Ellie dung burners! One accompanied us on all game drives, you just keep feeding it, works a treat.
Upon leaving they gifted us one and we kept it alight all the way back to Harare, not because there were any more pesky flies, but for that delicious aroma, like coffee on steroids.
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so true. I am in Zim across from Zambia and all is well. They absolutely keep me from hunting Tanzania and Zambia no question
Are they at all seasonal?

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