Trophy Room Design and Exploration

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    I知 Rick Krane and I want to ask your permission to share something with you that could add to your experience of being a Sportsman and aficionado of great Trophy Rooms! I知 very excited to offer an exclusive view inside the professional world of Trophy Room Design and Exploration! If you have ever wondered what goes into the design and the planning of a great Trophy Room, or questioned what the owners of these rooms looks for in their taxidermist, mural background, the design making processes, and even custom furniture then Trophy Room Design and Exploration is a welcomed addition to your own personal DVD Sporting library collection!

    As a World renown instructor in the field of educational taxidermy as well as a devoted sportsman; I am taking my passion for the betterment of the industry of taxidermy/ sporting education and expanding out into specific areas where I want to see more information, through enlightening instruction, for topics such as the exploration of the great Trophy Rooms! My goal is simple in providing in-depth information with unique perspectives as it relates to the real nuts and bolts of the 展HY and not just the how!

    Staying with the tradition of the educational format I have created in all my past instructional DVDs in the Masters Education System, this incredible project on Trophy Rooms will share with you the very best ideas and processes that go into the decision making for such topics as the evaluation in the construction layout and design of Grand Trophy Rooms - from the designer and owners perspective! Taking nearly ï½½ a year to film as we traveled throughout the country, I invite you to journey with Master Trophy Room Designer Mr. Kevin Libby of Trophy Room Services, to discuss some of the most unique Trophy Rooms, spotlighting the discriminating sportsman as well as a multi-million dollar luxurious dream Trophy Room!

    In this DVD we share the complete experience, including a rare opportunity to sit down with the owners of some of these great trophy rooms, as I interview them to share with you what goes into their decisions; we discuss everything from the collection hunt, to why they choose the taxidermists they do! This is not a companion DVD to any book on the market relating to trophy rooms it is the ç™»nly one of its kind that brings you into the mind of a Master Designer as well as the Sportsmen who own these grand Trophy Rooms! If you every wanted to take a look at what goes in to the design and creation of the Modern Trophy Room then this is a must have for your personal collection!

    I知 Rick Krane of Anglers Artistry and this is a Master Educational Systems DVD! I hope you truly enjoy this educational opportunity while learning some new and exciting possibilities for you own Trophy Rooms in your upcoming projects!

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy the Trophy Room Exploration and Design!

    This month when you purchase your Trophy Room DVD the shipping will be on us! Please take advantage of this special discount code for your orders to use on our site! Discount code is TROOM1 enjoy this savings on us!


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    Already have my trophy room built but Welcome to AH!

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